How Can Super Top-up Take Care of Your Old Age Health Woes?

Old Age Health Woes

As you grow older, you become more vulnerable to critical diseases like heart problems, kidney-related ailments and more. Even though you might be perfectly healthy now, you can never be sure of anything! Especially in today’s mechanical world where there is a constant disconnect from nature, lack of regular exercise and lifestyle changes that are an open invitation to more illnesses.

With growing age, the body’s immunity is weakened, and it is difficult to sustain extreme fever, chronic cold or aches; leave alone extremely critical illnesses!

Take ample care of health

This is why it is said that one must take ample care of his/her health during old age. But apart from that, what is required is to be prepared for any emergency. With an increase in knowledge, many people have now started securing their finances and health by availing suitable health or a medical insurance policy. In fact, the insurance process has now become so easy that one can easily compare health insurance policies offered by different insurers online sitting at one place and avail the best plan as per one’s requirement. But, at the same time, the demand for a regular health insurance policy is higher than super top-up plans which are readily available online as well.

This is because people have limited awareness about how these plans can help them in the long-run especially in their old age. One feels that both provide coverage for health without much difference in features and that a regular health policy of Rs 5 or Rs 10 lakhs is sufficient for them. After all, who can predict that their hospital bills can exceed Rs 5 lakh?

Different Medical Situation

But, such cases are also not exactly impossible. If one does not require hospitalization for any disease right now, it does not mean that the person will not face any medical situation in the future as well. Imagine a situation in old age in which a person suffers from a heart attack twice, and the bill exceeds the limit of the regular health policy? Will he/she then be able to bear the amount that has exceeded from the pocket? In all probabilities, the person between 60-70 years of age will not be working anymore and except for pension (in some cases), one may not have any income flow at all.

This is the exact situation in which a wise decision is required to increase health coverage. But, how does one do so without putting a burden on one’s pockets? Here a super top-up medical insurance plan can come to your rescue! A super top-up plan is offered by insurers to cover medical and treatment costs that exceed a regular health policy cover. However, these plans come with a deductible limit. It means, the insurer will offer coverage only if the expenses exceed the limit. As opposed to a top-up policy, a super top-up policy considers the total claim amount for the entire year.


Let us see how a super top-up policy works through the following examples:

Basic information: A 55-year old avails a super top-up plan of Rs 12 lakhs with the threshold or deductible limit of Rs 5 lakhs. He already has a regular health insurance policy of Rs 5 lakhs.

CasesBasic Mediclaim PolicySuper Top-Up Policy
One claim of Rs 3 lakhsIt will settle the entire claim of Rs 3 lakhs 
Two claims of Rs 5 lakhs eachFor the first claim, it will cover Rs 5 lakhs 
In the case of the second claim, nothing will be paid as the cover is overThe entire claim will be settled as the deductible limit is reached

From the above cases, the benefits of availing a super top-up policy can clearly be seen. The best thing is that you can increase your health coverage in old age at nominal premium rates as this policy is available at comparatively low cost since it comes with a threshold limit, unlike a normal health insurance plan. Apart from that, it can be availed as an independent plan as well as clubbed with your family floater. Thus, securing oneself in old age is just a step away now! Avail a super top-up health policy and remain stress-free regarding finances as you grow old and wise.