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One of the reviewers has stated that Surface Studio is a system with the unique ability to transform and to adjust to every step in the process of creating artistic works. Yes, if you are a designing professional, you can turn your office into Studio with the help of the Surface Studio that comes with a huge monitor with a size of 28”. With higher than 4K resolution, this PixelSense Monitor will help you visualize your ideas as you create your designs. The 10-bit color depth will help you delve into the designing process to ensure the best output. Furthermore, the Surface Studio Promo Code will make your shopping even more enjoyable.

What more in the display?

Besides the attractive features mentioned above, the huge display unit in The Surface Studio comes with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and 192PPI 4500×3000 resolution. All these things will bring your creations to reality and you can clearly view each and every detail to make further improvements and fine-tuning to your design. Irrespective of the design project in which you are engaged, which can be engineering design, architecture design, civil design, or any other type of designing tasks, you will find this unit very highly helpful for your profession.

Also, with the display, you can see color-accurate on-screen pictures precisely as they were proposed in the sRGB Color Space. This is a feature that will be of great help when you visit online shopping sites when you see imaging applications when you see professional videos and photos.

Zero gravity hinge:

The great thing about Surface Studio from Microsoft is that it is designed with Zero Gravity Hinge that will effortlessly move your monitor to studio mode from an upright angle. Also, you can make this change in the monitor positioning just with a single hand.

Natural sketching and writing:

As you are a creator, you will be looking for the same experience as if you draw on a paper by placing it on an easel. A similar experience is possible with the Surface Pen, which will turn out to be the shrewd tool for your creative tasks. The pen comes with a battery with a 12-month life guarantee, 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and even if you choose Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pro 4 promo codes, the Surface Pen will work on this tablet as well.

Customize your experience with Applications for Surface Dial:

When you get Surface Dial along with Surface Studio, you can get quick and intuitive access to the brush settings that you use frequently. With Surface Dial applications, you can make swift and fast adjustments to the color and you can scale or rotate your canvas to ensure that you can get finer control levels.


All Surface systems are ideal for design professionals, but Surface Book, Surface Studio, and Surface Pro 4 are special as they can take your profession to a new level. Not just for Pro 4 and Studio, but also for Surface Book, you can use the Surface Book promo code to get the best reduction in the actual cost you will have to pay for purchasing this laptop that belongs to the Surface family.