Style and Functionality Come Together in a Furnished Dog Crates

Furnished Dog Crates

Dog crates are perfect to have in your home for several reasons. If you can get your dog to get used to one, then they will come in handy in several situations. They will offer you peace and quiet when you want to clean the house. They will offer a quiet reprieve when you have guests or young children. The only thing is most dog crates up till now are made from metal and are let’s be honest, plain ugly. Today, style and functionality combine in amazing furnished dog crates. Read more below.

Merry Products – Dog Crates

Merry Products have designed and created some beautiful dog crates which will go with any home decor. They are inexpensive and work perfectly for all types of different sized pets. The most popular design is dog crates which are made like an end table but have wire mesh on each side for ventilation. They are made of sturdy, durable wood which is polished and lacquered in many various styles such as cherry, pine, mahogany or white wood.

Built-in Dog Crates

If a dog crate is something you use all the time, then it might be a good idea to build in a dog crate into the furniture. There are many ways you can do this. Many people use spaces in their home which otherwise would be useless to them. For example, you might have a corner in one room which is hard to get to but good for your pet dog. Section this off, create ventilation and mesh walls so your pet can see through and it becomes a part of the room.

Many people also like to use the space under the stairs for this. Under kitchen counters, a hidden cage beside the bed or even in the bathroom. Dog crates come in many shapes and forms, and it is up to you to decide how you want to use the space in your home.

Get Creative

If you don’t have the money to invest in a dog cage which is part of your home or furniture, then try and do it yourself. Buy a normal wire dog cage that fits the size of your pet. Then look around your home to see where it will fit the best. It might be under a table, next to the sofa or even under a bench in the hallway.

To make it look more appealing try and add a little splash to it. You can trim off the tops with the same wood as your furniture, add curtains that match those in your home or even build it into whichever piece of furniture you have chosen. Make a name tag and put a comfortable cushion inside and your dog won’t ever want to leave.

Think About It Today

Your home doesn’t have to be ugly and covered in mesh dog cages. Why not try combining style and something that will be functional to you in many ways with an awesome furnished dog crate. Shop around or try making your own!