Strange Romantic Applications to Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Applications to Celebrate Valentine's Day

We are very close to celebrating that day dedicated to love, romance, red roses, chocolates and hearts that are everywhere. Valentine is present throughout the world and also on mobile devices.

If you have a smartphone and you’re fed up with the kitschy Valentine’s apps , we want to introduce you to these strange apps to live on February 14th, it’s different form, it does not matter if you’re a couple or you’re single.


You probably know Tinder , an application dedicated to finding possible romantic interests that are nearby, but there is an alternative for those who are more open in their relationship.

3tender is a Tinder for couples looking for a third party for trios . Available for iOS, does not discriminate by sex or interest and safeguards your privacy. Despite being free, you have purchases within the application.


If during Valentine’s Day you want to become Cupid , taking love to singles, Hitch is for you. It is an application that, using Facebook , allows you to connect two friends that you think are compatible.

Available for free for Android and iOS, Hitch is a better way to find a partner , since a person who knows us looks for someone with whom they have things in common, it does not matter that both interested are not contacts with each other in the social network .


There are times when we need a hug, it can come from a relative, friend or partner, but also from a complete stranger, as the Cuddlr application proposes .

It is an app for Android and iOS, which allows you to find people near us and who are looking to give or receive a hug. Here there are no amorous or sexual obligations, just to give love and peace, although if you form a couple it will be even better.

Stayed Up All Night

Gone are the times where, with much effort and dedication, we created cassettes or CDs with romantic music for our beloved or loved ones. Stayed Up All Night , is a creative way to continue such a tender tradition.

It is a free web application designed for those who want to give something different without spending a single penny. Just go to your site, choose the songs that will go on the list and decorate a retro-style cassette, personalizing the virtual gift.

The songs are taken from YouTube or SoundCloud and, when you have your romantic cassette ready, you share it with your partner via email or Facebook. A retro and very personal gift for Valentine .


Being far away is not an excuse to feel very close to our partner and, to help us is Couple , a free application for Android and iOS dedicated to lovers who do not want to lose moments together.

Couple, offers several functions: private messaging, sending videos and audio, create a calendar of activities together, generate reminders to not forget important dates and even games to share as a couple . In addition, it is possible to show the other our location.

The most novel thing is the kiss of the thumb, each member of the couple must put their thumb on the screen, which will vibrate at the same time, being a physical way of showing love without being in the same room or even country.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day and prepare to celebrate with your love or find that ideal person on the most romantic day of the year.