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Stay Young with Deer Antlers

Your face, the outside appearance is the very first thing that people notice. So, it is very important that you take proper care of your skin and keep it nourished and healthy. There are certain external factors like age, stress, dirt, pollution and cosmetics that make your skin dull and affect it. Cosmetics and dirt contain chemical ingredients that cause blemishes, irritation and even rashes on your skin. On the other hand, stress is known to speed up your aging process causing wrinkles and making it lifeless. So, the best way to deal with such problems is to rely on natural ingredients, deer antler velvet is one such ingredient.

Get to know deer antler velvet better

Deer antler velvet refers to the antler velvet which is harvested from the antlers of deer, elk, moose and caribou. The effect of the antler velvet normally depends on the diet of the particular animal. Before the antlers solidify into bone, they are removed from the respective animals causing no harm to them. Then the velvet is harvested from those antlers. Deer antler is known to contain magnesiumcalciumzinc and a full range of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and amino acids. This antler velvet is popularly used in China for over 2000 years for treating various medical conditions where the anti-aging effects of deer antlers cannot be overlooked.


The anti-aging effect

Antler velvet had initially gained its popularity in Asia due to its soothing effect and exceptional rejuvenating properties. Later with time, it became popular for its medicinal values. The presence of collagen is the factor that makes it one of the best anti-aging agents. Most of us are aware that collagen acts as a vital ingredient in most of the skin care products. As antler velvet contains the all natural skin care ingredient, it acts as a very good anti-aging component which does not cause any harm to your skin. Apart from collagen, this natural ingredient is also highly beneficial for professional sportsmen and bodybuilders to sustain their growth and fitness. Clinically, it has also been proven effective in fast repairing of the damaged cells and treating various diseases.

Its benefits

Velvet antler not only has the ability to make you beautiful from outside but it can even take care of your overall health. The anti-aging benefits are:

  • It has the capability to confront the effects of stress

  • It can promote quick healing of the wear and tear caused due to aging

  • It improves the texture of your skin

  • It can gift you wrinkle-free, soft and smooth skin with an enhanced complexion

  • Improves the blood circulation to give you more youthful skin

Apart from these it also has other health benefits like:

  • Enhanced vision and hearing

  • Prevents tissue, muscles and bone damage

  • Helps to sharpen the mental skills

  • Boosts your stamina

  • Builds your immunity system

  • Prevents disorders like osteoporosis, arthritis etc.

So, by now you must have had a clear idea about not only the anti-aging effects of deer antlers but also the other important role it plays to keep you healthy.