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Is your workout routine the one thing that you regret about when the year ends? If yes, then it is time for making that change. Every year we make a healthy resolution for New Year and begin afresh with a balanced workout routine. It’s time for a revamp to your existing workout routine or if you do not have any, then it is time to adopt one. 

Key to a good workout is proper planning. There are few training components that you should inculcate in your workout if you want to prevent injuries. Once you do that, see what kind of workouts you like and motivate you. Then, based on the training components and the kind of workouts you like, make a workout routine. 

Let us Look Into The Workout Training First.

Workout Training You Can Adopt For a Good Workout Routine:

Muscular Training

Having a lean mass and a fit muscular body is a prerequisite for a healthy long-lasting life. When you have fit muscles, your body will become versatile enough to carry heavy objects, jump off a curb among many other things. It also gives your body an increased metabolism.

Cardiorespiratory Training

Include regular cardiorespiratory exercises which maybe cycling, brisk walking or dance. This leads to a healthier heart and lungs with better control of blood pressure, increased circulation, and a stronger immune system.

Core Training

A strong core helps you have a good posture and limb mobility. You would also feel increased strength and endurance in the muscles of the hip, shoulders and all the sides of the trunk. There would not be any lower-back health issues as well.

Mobility Training

Having good mobility is important to stay injury-free. With mobility-training,   you would be able to move your joints with ease through a full range of motion with good strength and integrity.

Awareness and Rest

Rest is essential to prevent your body from getting burnout. It is always good to set goals realistically to avoid over-straining of your body. Include proper rest and recovery.

Now that you know what training to include in your workout plan, it is important that you actually enjoy what you do too. You need to look into the kind of workouts that you can do regularly without feeling them tedious. 

Know Your Workout Style:

If you love music, you can go to dancing classes, indoor cycling classes and music-based strength classes like BodyPump or BodyWorks. If you like to compete, opt for gym-based fitness challenges or sign up for a short race. 

If you like working out alone, then hiring a personal trainer would be right for you. If you like to workout in a group, then attend classes with group fitness instructors. 

Create A Plan:

Once you have taken care of your workout training and the kind of workouts you usually like to do, it is time for a workout plan. How you plan this step is what differentiates you from others in successfully implementing the workout routine. 

While you implement a plan, one thing to keep in mind is that if you miss out a day of following your workout plan in a week, it is still alright. You can go ahead with the other days of the workout routine. Thus, let us now plan a sample workout routine.

Sample Workout Routine:

Try following the below steps as mentioned:

A daily warmup is something that should be followed each day before you start your workout. You could include reverse lunges with twists, ankle rolls and arm circles, monster walks, jumping jacks and walk out to kneeling push-ups.  

Now, let’s look into the workout routine of each day:

Day 1: Full-body Strength Circuit

Perform 3-5 rounds of the below exercises with around 10-15 repetitions:

  • Bent-over rows
  • Squats
  • Push-up to superman
  • Biceps curl to overhead press
  • Supine bicycle crunches

Day 2: For day 2, do cardio of 30-60 minutes

You can go for :

  •  Walk or jog
  •  Dance class
  •  Bike ride

Day 3: Core, Mobility and Mind/body

Inculcate the following for day 3

  • Vinyasa or gentle-flow yoga
  • Pilates mat class
  • Stretches like Supine twist and hold, Pigeon stretch, Butterfly stretch and legs up a wall

Day 4: Full-body Strength Circuit

  • Triceps dips on a bench
  •  Reverse lunge
  •  Side-plank
  •  Supermans
  •  Alternating step-ups on a bench, step or chair

Day 5: 20-45 Minutes Medium- To High-Intensity Cardio Intervals 

Do the following activities with alternate 1-2 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest

  • Hill or stair repeats
  • Indoor Cycling class
  • Swimming intervals

Health comes before anything else does. Thus, treat it exactly that way and stop lazing around. Start right away with implementing the above workout plan to have no regrets later.

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