Seven Boating Safety Tips You Should Never Miss

Boating Safety Tips

Boating might be your favorite activity when the summer comes knocking on your doors. You might be longing for long holidays and especially, spending time on the water. Whether you enjoy fishing or sailing across the water, you should always ensure safe boating. You should be taking proper precautions while on the boat. It includes using tools like best boat hook and other protective equipment.

But, there are several essential things you should keep in mind before you hit the water. Below you can read seven such boating tips you should never miss.

1 Prepare Your Boat Safety Kit

An emergency can arise at any moment. And as they say, you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. But when you have the right tools in your safety kit, you are more likely to overcome any problems you may face while boating. Below are some safety essentials you must carry.

  • Flashlight – to look around in the dark
  • First aid kit – to provide medical care in case of a medical emergency
  • Duct tape – a quick fix to minute leakage
  • Ropes – for tying loose items, securing your craft to the dock, etc.
  • Whistle – to seek help on the water
  • Garbage bags – to protect items on board
  • Mirror – to call for help using a reflective signal
  • Life jacket – a mandatory tool for every person on board
  • Bucket – to bail the water out
  • Fire extinguisher– to prevent unfortunate fires on boat

2 Share Your Float Plan

Before you begin your journey, you should tell someone you trust about your sailing plan, aka float plan. You should provide them all the necessary details. It includes information about your trip, the number of persons, boat, towing vehicle, etc. You should also tell them about communication equipment and share with them emergency contact details as well. When you don’t return on the expected date, the person having your float plan can come to your rescue.

3 Carry along the Proper Life Jackets

The usefulness of a life jacket goes beyond keeping you afloat. Life jackets of today have such a design that they turn an unconscious person face-up. It mitigates health hazards like hypothermia. Even law says that there should be a life jacket for each person on the boat. And it would help if you used U.S. Coastguard approved jackets only. You need to carefully select the right jackets that fit your height and weight. Further, some states make it compulsory for kids to wear jackets all the time.

4 Check the Weather before Hitting the Water

You must already know that warm and sunny weather is ideal for boating. But you can’t predict when the storm will come along. That’s why you must pay close attention to winds and water. When you experience varying gusts of wind and choppy water, then there might be a storm approaching. Sometimes the day might be sunny, but the water still is super cold. In the worst-case scenario, if your boat capsizes and people on the boat get wet, you must plan to get help and get dry.

5 Use Boat Hooks

Boathook is one of the most valuable boating equipment. Primarily, it helps you with docking and undocking your boat. It looks similar to a pike pole. But, this hook has a blunt tip that you use for pushing as you undock. It’s one such tool that most people don’t realize they need it until they use it.

Like most people, you can use it for rope, mooring lines, and snagging dock. You can also use to pull something out of the water and other fetching jobs. You should get yourself the best boat hook as it can help you with several tasks on water.

6 Stick To Navigation Rules

Navigation rules are similar to traffic laws you follow on the road. As a boat operator, you account for the safety of everyone on the board. You must know the best thing to do when you’re in a situation like meeting head-on and overtaking another vessel. You must know all the signs used in navigation. You should also be aware of your surroundings and drive at a moderate speed, considering the environment.

7 Follow the Right Docking Procedures

You should be able to dock your boat properly. You need to pay attention to the wind. Also, as you approach the dock, keep your bumpers out to prevent the damage. You should lower your speed and secure the boating lines too. The best boat hook is what you need as you’re docking the boat. It can help you safely dock your boat.

To Put It Shortly

Those were the seven boating tips you should never miss. You must ensure that you have a proper boat safety kit along. And, don’t forget to carry the best boat hook as it can help you dock or undock efficiently. While you’re on the water, please follow navigation rules and local boating guidelines. By following the seven tips above, you’ll always have a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Use our article as a guide to know what suits you the best.