Setting Up A Cleaning Business

You may find yourself looking for a cleaner and realize there are very few in your area or you may have overheard a conversation about how difficult it is to find a reliable cleaner.  No matter how your interest was sparked in setting up your own cleaning business, thorough research should be done investigating your target market.  You may decide to work solely within the domestic or commercial markets or you may decide to target both, either way, you must be familiar with the basics of the cleaning industry.

It is hard, physical, repetitive work that can be demanding and dirty.  However, if you are happy to be doing physical work all day, are sure you will not get bored, and are happy to work alone taking orders from your clients, it may be the business for you.

Positive Aspect

As physically demanding as it is, a positive aspect of setting up a cleaning business is you can start off with very little money and you can run it with no overheads.  Working within the commercial market, generally more competitive than the domestic market, you will find yourself competing with the large national cleaning companies.  You may also need to invest in specialist equipment and to immediately hire a team to be able to fulfill large contracts.

If you need to take on staff be aware you will have to deal with the administrative side relating to payroll and tax.  Not only that, as your reputation relies on your team, you will have to make sure you hire trustworthy, reliable, hardworking people.  References are a necessity and as they are going to be in homes or businesses often alone, CRB checks are essential. The plus side is the industry is usually recession-proof and resistant to economic downturns which can be said of few businesses these days.

Limited Budget

How to market your services can be a concern for most small businesses.  With limited marketing budgets, you need to ensure your efforts are going to maximize your investment.  Word of mouth is one crucial way of marketing your cleaning business as people tend to spread the word if they are happy with a service.  Perhaps offer an incentive to those who recommend you to a friend, a reduction in cleaning cost for a period of time for example.

Door to door leafleting can be effective to reach your target audience and to get them aware of your brand and services.  An advertising campaign might help you to gain clients but ensure your publication covers the area you want to work in.  There is no point in advertising your cleaning services in a Northampton publication if your service only covers the Peterborough area. 

A website is seen as an essential marketing tool for all new businesses and investing in one as soon as possible is a good way to generate leads. You would need to ensure it is fully optimized for the correct keyword terms in order to gain as much relevant traffic as possible.  However as there is so much industry competition, you may find registering your business with a lead generation agency a cost-effective way of marketing your services to your local area.