Top Five Tips for Selling a Home without Agent

Selling a Home without Agent

It seems like a fantastic idea to sell your home without an agent as it helps save thousands of dollars. However, it puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as a seller. So, you must consider different factors and aspects carefully if you want to make your selling process smoother. You can do it by your smart work if you follow the right tips and tricks.

Here are five top tips for selling a home without an agent mentioned.

Realistic Price

Since you won’t have any external help in setting a price, you must make sure that you don’t commit any mistake in estimating the worth of your home. You can use online calculators to set a realistic price for your home. However, they must include real factors like square footage, location, amenities, and the number of bedroom and bathrooms. You can also compare it with the price of other homes in your neighborhood.


The advertising isn’t all about sticking a ‘Home for Sale’ note at your front door and expect the potential buyers to stop by it. Since it’s the digital world, most of the people are looking for homes on online websites. You can use authentic websites for advertising your home. Don’t forget to add videos and pictures of different areas of your home to give a clear idea to buyers. Also, you can send invites of home tours to those who seem interested.

Emotional Side

Never let your emotional side overshadow your mind when it comes to selling a home using “For Sale by Owner” process. Otherwise, it will make you take a lot of uncalculated and uninformed decisions without any background knowledge and information. So, you must think practically and logically regarding the condition of your home and improvements you can make to sell it at a higher price. Also, you might have to face a lot of rejections from the buyers so you shouldn’t take it personally and keep moving forward to hunt more buyers.


Patience plays a vital role to determine whether you are going to sell your home successfully or not with an FSBO. A lot of homeowners expect to get a lot of offers and get done with the selling process in a few days. Keep in mind that it can take longer than you think. So, don’t lose hope; instead, you should keep updating your marketing materials, reconsidering your price, and making little improvements to make sure that your home is listed properly.


You can learn the art of negotiating with your buyers. You should know how to convince them to sign a contract with you. Make your preferences clear to the final buyer and revise the contract for him to resubmit it. A few states have a standard contract to which both parties, i.e. buyer and seller, agree. If you have any confusion regarding that contract, you can get it reviewed by an attorney.