As they say, a small push can be a giant leap. Moreover, when it comes to nailing any of the two most prestigious competitive exams – NEET and JEE, any push is a good push. Winning a scholarship is one such push that helps students secure their future without worrying about finances. It gives their confidence a boost, acts as an instrument of encouragement and offers the right financial backing. Keeping this in mind, many of the reputed coaching institutes like Aakash have come up with aonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students who aim to become a doctor or an engineer. Their annual scholarship exam for class 8, 9, and 10 gives students the right push at the right age.

The best part is that the scholarship exam (ANTHE) conducted by Aakash Institute offers the first 50 rank holders a 100% waiver on the registration, admission and the tuition fees. Let’s admit it; education has become an expensive affair,and any sort of backing can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only this but cracking a scholarship exam also gives the students an idea about their actual potential.


Here Is How A Scholarship Proves to Be Beneficial

It Is an Opportunity

Many students spend half of their lives in debt because they took assistance from an outside source to give their competitive exam preparation a sound financial backing. Scholarships are an opportunity for those who don’t belong to a financially sound family. It helps to fund their education and in return lessen the financial strain on many students.So, when any such opportunity knocks at the door, students must give their best shot to rank among the toppers and win the maximum scholarship offered.

It is a Mirror to the Future

Believe it or not, appearing for a scholarship exam will give any student a clear idea about how well prepared they are. It acts like a mirror for the students and shows them the real picture of how tough the actual exam is and the kind of questions that are being asked.

It is Nothing Less Than a Recognition

Yes, winning a scholarship is a recognition that deserves a pat on the back. Thousands of students appear for the same scholarship,and those who win it are no less than achievers. The difficulty level of scholarships exams is no less than NEET and JEE,and when a student cracks it, they recognise their potential and gain added confidence in their preparation. Furthermore, parents, relatives and friends recognise their talent which indirectly helps to foster their growth.

It Motivates to Do Well

Success is addictive,and once a student has tasted it by acing the scholarship exam, there is simply no looking back. They start putting extra efforts to maintain the success graph and perform similarly well in the upcoming competitive exam. In addition, when a student knows that they are at the right place and are helping their parents save money, they study harder to make the most of the opportunity and clear the competitive exam in the first go.

Final Words!

Opportunities like these don’t often come, particularly when there is a scope of winning a 100% scholarship. What’s even thrilling is that even if someone doesn’t clear the scholarship exam for class 8 in the first attempt, they have two more chances to win one in class 9 and 10. So, if you are one of those who is aiming to be a doctor or an engineer, why not give ANTHE a try? Trust us; you might end up having a miracle moment.