For all those creative people across the world, Microsoft has announced the all new Surface Studio which can surely uplift your level of creativity to a great extent. You would love the features, whether internal or external, since that has been designed keeping all your requirements in mind. You will simply fall in love with the 28 inch, ultra thin, Pixel sense display that gives you a wider canvas to pen down your thoughts. Thinking of how? Use the S-pen that is especially designed for the purpose and hence allows you to use the device either as a desktop in an upright position or even lay it out flat like a table. You can sketch, paint and also edit your own photographs so that you deliver the best when asked for. These two are different modes that studio is designed with, and that is one of the striking features of the device as marketed by Microsoft.

Windows PRO is preinstalled in Surface Studio and you are also given the 6TH generation Intel Core with 8GB RAM so that you can make your work even better. Further, you will get 1TB storage in cloud so that you can simply store all your professional or personal work in cloud so that there is no fear of losing it. With great display options, video calls become much easier and so are the remote conferences where you are supposed to deliver clarity to establish your point. A face to face meeting can give you the same effect as done through Surface Studio and thanks to the Dolby audio speakers or the 1080p camera that makes this possible seamlessly. So buy your share of Surface Studio right now and don’t forget to get hold of the Surface Studio Promo Code offers.

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