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Product Features: Once you use the Microsoft surface laptop promo code and purchase the Surface Laptop, you will realize that the device comes with more number of interesting features than you expected. These features would provide you with an amazing Microsoft experience. Firstly, it is the powerful Intel Core processor that makes the laptop special. It helps you to run all the applications and programs at great speed. The device also has a powerful battery that will let you work for more than 14 hours at a stretch after being fully charged. The state of the art laptop has an amazing touch screen and is stunningly thin and light. The device has been designed very stylishly. The laptop comes in platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold colors. Surface Laptop is first of its kind that goes beyond the traditional laptops and lets you complement your style with rich, tone-on-tone color combinations. The sleek and elegant design makes it possible for you to slip the device without any effort in your bag. The laptop is a very good mix of style and substance. It has a luxurious touch and is also very easy to use. The Omni sonic speakers are discreetly hidden. The laptop is equipped with an amazing interactive touchscreen. The manufacturers have taken care to be innovative in each and every detail of this laptop.

Easy to Use and Maintain: The laptop is very easy to use and also to maintain. The soft, durable Alcantara material-covered keyboard lets you clean the dust with ease. The device has also been specially treated to resist any kind of stains, spills or absorptions. You just have to wipe and clean the laptop. The kind of comfort you get while typing on the keyboard is something that you have to experience. The buttons are ultra-soft and provide you with a luxurious touch with its Signature Alcantara covered keyboard and palm rest. Apart from feeling the warmth while typing the keyboard, you would also be to make use of the brilliant touch screen. The screen is very bright and is also very easy to read. All the photographs and videos would be displayed in a very high resolution. The vibrant 13.5″ PixelSense Display makes viewing very special because the images are really sharp. The interactive touch screen can be used for watching videos, pictures and also to give some great presentations at the work place.

Dynamic Surround Sound: You have not just purchased a mere laptop by using the Surface Laptop Promo Code but have just got for yourself an experience that would last forever. You will no more have to run to far off distances to watch movies in the theatre with great sound quality. You can experience all that sitting in your bedroom by just watching those movies in the Surface Laptop. The laptop is equipped with Dolby Audio that provides with an unparalleled sound system that can be experienced only in the theatres. The Omni sonic speakers with radiant omnidirectional sound would circulate in all the directions giving you a 360 degrees surround sound effect. You would feel the sound and will be experiencing a great audio visual treat.