Sailing The Adriatic Sea

Croatia is home to some of the stunning Islands across Europe. The Croatian Coast continues to be a top European tourist destination. The Adriatic Sea is home to sailors. The Adriatic is a fairly shallow sea with depths of less than 50 meters. However, it is not the size or depth of the sea which attracts sailors but the clarity of its waters. The Adriatic Sea water is so clear that you can easily see the seafloor even when you are 15 meters away! Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t fail to sail in the Adriatic Sea if you are planning to visit Croatia.

sailing boat

Experience the Cold War Fantasies at the Great Luka Rogacic

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea offers you an amazing opportunity of getting to visit some of the historical places in Croatia. The Luka Rogacic is a beautifully secluded natural harbor that was featured in a fantastic James Bond thriller. It lies on the remote island of Vis which is also an excellent site for viewing the blue waters of the great Adriatic Sea. Although the island was abandoned in 1989, just two years before Croatia became independent, the pen is the most prominent remnant of the past Island’s cold war which was once shrouded in secrecy. The Island served as the main naval base for the great Yugoslav People’s Army after the end of the Second World War.

Get to See the Gorgeous Views of the Croatian Coast

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea during the day is a memorable experience since you get a perfect opportunity to see how amazing the Croatian Coast is. Apart from the sailing, most of the cruise operators will give you swim breaks where the boat drops anchor for at least an hour in the deep sky-blue waters of the beautiful Adriatic Sea. If you want to experience something exceptional and memorable, gather your courage during the swim break and get off the railing of the ship into the sea. Don’t forget to grab your snorkel and swim with the fish closer to the shore.


Enjoy the Stunning Sunset

Croatia sailing and more so sailing in the Adriatic Sea, in the evening, during sunset, is a memorable experience that you won’t forget about. While in the sea, you get to see the beautiful rays of the sunset from the coast of Croatia. Make sure that you carry your camera to take images and videos of these great moments of your life. Nothing is more beautiful than a sunset viewed from the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

Get a Chance of Meeting Like-Minded People On-Board Your Ship

While sailing in the Adriatic Sea, you are bound to meet like-minded people from other countries who may be speaking different languages, but you will all be bound together by the love of travel and adventure. It becomes easier to intimate connections with some of the people you meet and build long-lasting relationships. The fact that you are sailing in the company of individuals from all over the world makes the trip more interesting and enjoyable.

Adriatic Sea

Experience the Amazing Life in the Sea

The Adriatic Sea is home to various plant and animal species including corals, algae, and different fish species such as the sheepshead bream, goby, and bamboo fish among others. Sailing in the Adriatic Sea offers you a perfect opportunity to have a close view of some of the unique plant and animal species found there.