Is RV Travel Right for Your Family?


Perhaps because of the Walking Dead-obsessed culture these days, many more families are choosing a nomad lifestyle. It could also be because RV travel offers opportunities for adventure, family bonding, and valuable life lessons for kids. Of course, taking your family on the open road indefinitely does present its challenges. You’ll have the responsibility of education and keeping in touch with less adventurous family members — to name a few.

More Time to Bond

Even if your family decides to only hit the open road in an RV during the warmer months rather than completely taking on the nomad lifestyle, you’ll still come across some new and exciting experiences together. Camping presents more opportunities for you and your kids to really unplug from the digital world.

With that in mind, having fun and bonding with your kids might require some creativity. It’ll be worth thinking about or even looking up some family bonding activities before setting out on your traveling adventures. Also, be sure to pack of few of your family’s favorite card or board games. Playing a competitive game of Go Fish around the fire beats watching TV anyday.

A New Kind of School

As some experts at World Travel Family put it, “homeschooling and traveling, two wonderful freedoms in life.” One of the main concerns you might have when adopting a nomad lifestyle could be your kids’ education. It’s reasonable to keep their schooling in mind, and luckily, there is a way to ensure they are keeping up with their peers.

Tailoring the lessons and subjects to your children’s interest can help with their progression, not to mention the opportunities you’ll have while exploring new places to come up with different ideas and concepts. Your kids will likely enjoy learning in a different atmosphere and coming up with their own unique way of thinking.

Keeping in Touch

Staying in touch with family, friends, and even coworkers can be tricky while RV traveling. It’ll be important to set aside time to keep in touch, if only to assure your loved ones that everyone is safe and accounted for. It’ll also be worth mentioning stories of poison ivy accidents and wild animal sightings.

Organizing a time to talk will require a bit more effort. Atlas suggests using a shared calendar, like Google Calendar, as it, “allows you to see what other people have scheduled. That way, you can work out something that fits for all parties, and you’re more likely to actually make that important call.”

Given that access to wifi won’t always be available, Google Calendar (or something similar to it) will certainly come in handy as you can still have access to it even while offline. However, with that in mind it’s important to know that Google Calendar won’t update until connected to Wi-Fi. As such, having a Wi-Fi hotspot in the RV is worth considering. It won’t work for daily things, but using it to check in with loved ones will likely not break the bank.

Making the decision to RV travel with your family can seem intimidating. There are a lot of challenges to consider when it comes to living a more nomadic lifestyle. However, the unforgettable experiences you’ll share with your family will be worth facing those challenges together and strengthening those important family bonds. Good luck!