Moscow bans all Microsoft technology after President Vladimir Putin has urged local companies to reduce their dependence on foreign technology. This writes Bloomberg.

As a result, Russia now Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 6000 replace computers with e-mail systems that were developed by state-owned Rostelecom PJSC. Russia would also consider replacing at nearly 600,000 units Windows and Office by Russian variants.

Russia began advocating technological self-reliance after the EU and the US imposed sanctions for the annexation of the Crimea in September 2014. Although both Russia and the US are strong enough to survive without the other, there seems a clear loser in this story are: Silicon Valley.

The sanctions forced many Western companies to cut their ties with Russian companies. Thereby member companies substantial losses as Microsoft and Oracle. Also imported German Klimenko, Putin’s right hand as regards the Internet, heavy taxes, including on purchases in app stores. That became especially American companies like Apple and Google.

But not only Russia makes a snook at America, but the reverse also happens. During the first presidential debate last Monday, Hillary Clinton accused Russia of a growing number of cyber-attacks on the US She referred this includes a hack of the Democratic Party. “That must understand the Russians.”

Microsoft “Windows Mobile remains a priority.”

Microsoft has confirmed its commitment to the mobile platform in a special session around 10 Windows Mobile. This was necessary for response to the many rumors which were circulating lately. After all, bigots spoke of the end of Lumia in December this year. The stories follow the recent (and repeated) price reductions on all Lumia devices.

Microsoft also did not help that it almost stopped dead in his previous Build Conference Windows Mobile. Last year only four models have launched: Lumia 550, 650, 950 and 950 XL. The prices of each model surfaced lately down firmly, together with the sales figures.

Microsoft reaffirms now to support the entire platform for third parties and its own devices. A Surface Phone remains the company still keeps the mouth shut. If the Lumia line anyway ceases to exist – a rumor that Microsoft never actually spoke against – then a Surface Phone would sometimes be very soon. Microsoft provides antimalware service executable high, which also protects Windows Phone from the virus.

Those looking for a new Windows Phone still can confidently buy a Lumia because Microsoft promises continued support. Who the thing still does not trust, also can always turn to another manufacturer of Continuum devices, including the HP Elite x3.

Renault and Nissan team up with Microsoft

Microsoft has entered into a partnership with automakers Nissan and Renault. The companies are committed to developing software together “connected driving experience will enhance worldwide.” The platform is an essential element to be in the autonomous cars hoping to bring the vehicle builders in 2020 on the market.

Concrete offer Nissan and Renault, who have been working together, Microsoft’s help sought to build a cloud platform. This would, among other supplies e advanced navigation and can watch by predictions on the maintenance of the wagon. The platform will be based on the Microsoft Azure cloud. “Partnering with Microsoft allows us to accelerate the development of critical technologies,” said Yogi Reddick, senior vice president of Connected Vehicles & Mobility Services at the Nissan-Renault alliance.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Renault-Nissan does not fall from the sky. In recent years a lot of partnerships between technology companies and carmakers saw the light at the possibilities that a network connection in a car offers fully exploit.

Microsoft adds’ relations assistant “to Dynamics 365

Microsoft will soon launch a virtual assistant from which to provide greater insights into customer relationships. Satya Nadella announced this at Ignite 2016.

Microsoft itself calls the new feature a “relationship-assistant”. The gadget will be added in November to the CRM module of Dynamics 365, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained.

The “Assistant” will use artificial intelligence applications of the Cortana Intelligence Suite to combine customer information. So certain actions can be recommended at crucial moments, for example, to maintain a sales relationship. The data used for the advice comes from the web, LinkedIn, or e-mail, but also the assistant also takes into account the real-time information in the Dynamics apps.

“The problem is that most sales activity happens outside of a CRM system,” Nadella states during the keynote. “And the purpose of intelligence is to reason about your sales data model, not only in your CRM system but also outside.” For example, the assistant can inform that one of your customers has been promoted recently and that you have a meeting in a few days with him the perfect moment to congratulate him.

The assistant is one of the many new features that Nadella announced at the conference. Artificial intelligence was given a central role in the keynote, something that probably has to do with the recent announcement of the Einstein module rival Salesforce.

Microsoft and Adobe deal closing in the cloud


The two giants Adobe and Microsoft strategic partnership:

Microsoft’s infrastructure is elected by Adobe to support some standard applications. But what with Adobe’s other partner Amazon?

The deal was announced at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft’s annual conference on the cloud. Adobe insured in the presentation now uses Microsoft Azure as a standard infrastructure for three of Adobe’s SaaS applications: Adobe Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Document Cloud. The partnership works both ways, as Microsoft also Adobe Marketing Cloud promised to use as the first marketing service for Dynamics 365.

“Two companies cooperate in the field of data integration to ensure that customers can easily work with business applications within Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365,” says the press release. In this way, customers can also take advantage of several artificial intelligence applications and “advanced analytics.”

The agreement between Adobe and Microsoft, moreover, in no way exclusive. Adobe now binds to Azure, but equally based on Amazon’s AWS cloud as an infrastructure. This partnership will just continue to go on, explains a spokesperson for Adobe to Network World. If Adobe resolutely Microsoft would choose as IaaS provider, would be important part customers are covered by the wayside.

The deal is part of the global trend in which IaaS providers were massively trying to attract SaaS players. Earlier this year, for example, announced that AWS as preferred cloud service, when, Citrix chose Microsoft Azure.

Disney and Microsoft in the race to buy Twitter

Disney and Microsoft on Monday added their names to the list of possible candidates for a takeover of Twitter, whose names are called by the American media.

The “microblogging” site has begun talks with several potential buyers, including Alphabet, parent company Google. Several observers expected soon launch a formal bid. Software Specialist Salesforce also was interested in the case.

Salesforce is working, Bank of America to any bid and Walt Disney also examines with a bank the opportunity to make an offer on Twitter.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter which has taken back the general management of the group last year, serves on the Governing Disney since 2013. The TV channel CNBC reported on his part that Microsoft also among potential candidates, while Facebook is not far away would be a bid. A sale could be completed within 30 to 45 days, as CNBC adds.

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