Top 7 Factors to Choose Right Roof Type Between Metal or Shingles

Roof Type Between Metal or Shingles

If it is time to reinstall a new roof, the most important decision to make is regarding the roofing material. The material you choose must fulfill high-quality standards to make sure that your roof is going to last for a longer period than expected. Moreover, it would help save you from a lot of troubles caused by repair or replacement.

Here are a few aspects mentioned to help you choose between popular roof types i.e. metal or shingles.

1. Labor Intensive

The metal roof is more labor-intensive than shingles. There is hardly any room for errors and mistakes when it comes to installing a metal roof. So, it is suggested to get a metal roof installed by a qualified and experienced professional who knows how to do his job effectively.

2. Cost

The initial cost of a metal roof is higher than shingles so it might require a lot of your money. However, the long-term repair and maintenance cost of a metal roof is quite lower. It can easily last for more than 60 years which is three times the life expectancy of shingles roof.

3. Fire Resistance

The metal roof is also resistant to catching fire so it is quite suitable for the areas which are prone to wildfires. However, it is more likely for a shingles roof to catch fire.

4. Durable

A metal roof is considered to be the most durable option than other types of roofing systems. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions i.e. rainfalls, snowstorms, hail, high heat, and heavy winds. However, you must make sure that it is being installed properly to fulfill its purpose. It is suggested to hire any renowned servicelike Roofing that has more than 30 years of experience of offering high-quality services.

5. Colors

The options of different colors available for the shingle roof are quite limited. You can mostly find dark and dull colors. It is less likely to find any brighter or lighter shade in shingles. On the other hand, you can find more and better color variations when it comes to choosing a metal roof. It is also one of the biggest selling points for the metal roofing system.

6. Value

Since the initial cost of metal roof and its life expectancy is higher than the shingles roof, it tends to add more value to the property. You can easily attract potential buyers to it if you try to keep your metal roof in good shape and condition.

7. Insurance

You can have more insurance benefits when you choose shingles. However, a metal roof is less likely to get damaged than shingles roof. There are also other factors come into play to decide the cost of insurance. It is wise to ask the manufacturer of metal roofing to provide you with a few trustworthy references to make sure that you choose the right insurance company with the best policy. However, it also depends upon the situation whether you can enjoy the benefits of insurance or not.