Roll Tide, War Eagle and My Connection To Alabama

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The Alabama football team has a large group of fans and supporters. It has the nickname ‘Bama football team.’

The team is known for its spectacular performance. The team is regarded as one of the best due to its praiseworthy players. They have won the three out of the last four national championship tournaments.

The team’s brilliant performance has earned it the top rank right now.

The University of Alabama is known to its rallying cry ‘Roll tide.’ The rallying cry phrase is a trademark for the university.

The origin of the phrase can be traced back to the Alabama football team. It was initially used by the team’s fans to cheer the players in the team and fill them with zeal and zest to continue with their excellent work or to get them instigated.

At times, ‘Roll tide’ is lengthened to ‘Roll tide, roll.’ Although initially used to cheer the players up on the football field, the phrase is now used to indicate support or partisanship. It is also used amongst fans expressing common interest and patronage. There as instances in which the expression is used on social media to show and gain support.

The form ‘#rolltide’ is used on social media platforms to tag a particular movement or upcoming football match in which the Alabama football team is involved.

During a highly anticipated football match with Alabama, you can expect floods of tweets with hashtags like ‘#RollTide!’ all over the place.

The fans have extended their ways to use the cry phrase. There are even items that this phrase imprinted and expressing their love and support to the Bama football team.

Below are some of the items sold on Shop for the university of Alabama roll tide imprints.

1 Chairs

The game of football is so entertaining that it has made its way to the ordinary people’s regular use. You can find chairs that have the engraved cry phrase on them. Some chairs also come with the engraved or colored logo of the Bama football team.

The engraving is done with the laser; it is known to last long, and it does not wear out quickly.

2 Throw Blanket

Throws also called as throw rugs and throw blankets, are a useful piece of items. They help us cover some furniture items and other household items. They are a decorative piece that adds beauty and utility to the products.

You can buy such a throw rug online from the online store of the University of Alabama. You can find a range of options in terms of design, size, and so on.

3 Alabama Fight Song Canvas Banner

The canvas banner that comes with a poem that is a fight song is the best way to portray your team’s fondness. You can stick it to the walls inside your house. It will increase your ability to express your strong support to yourself and others.

You also have options like the Bama little fan banner; this compact-sized banner can be easier to stick. The Alabama Roll Tide Nation Banner very attractive as it has a sloppy design on the two sides. The ‘In This House We Love Alabama’ banner has one triangular slop in the middle of its bottom edge.

The Circle Logo Banner Roll Tide gives you the logo of the football team in a circle.

The vertical flags will help you display your obsession with the team; they do not need wind for waiving.

There are yet other options like Alabama alumni flags; they are ideal for students or even former Alabama university students who also have a liking for the football team.

4 Maplike Flags

Those who like flags to support a particular sports team prefer those flags with the state identity often. The Alabama state flag also has the outline of the state map. It can help you show your fondness for the football team and the identity of the state.

There are even flags available with the logo and strips like those of the USA flag.

5 Accessories

The Shop for university of Alabama roll tide also sells other merchandise. You can find a bowtie, headwrap, neck bows, a pair of sunglasses, etc. They all carry the logo of the Bama football team along with the rallying cry.

Most of these items are unisex; the absence of gender specifications makes them usable for any gender group. However, some things are also specifically designed for men and women. You can find handbags, wristlets, foldover purses, earrings, and hair ties for women.

To Conclude

These were some of the items sold on Shop for university of Alabama roll tide imprints. They can help you display your support to the team and use them while watching the field’s match.