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Role Of NGOs In Caring For The Elderly

In recent years, the population of the country has been increasing rapidly which involves the increase in a number of elderly people. But the growth of the nuclear families has also increased to a high rate. The current society is experiencing the changes in culture, social and even physiological manner. With the complications in living a peaceful life in the changing environment, the home support for the elderly has become a difficult task and added responsibility to the people. Thus to fulfill all the essential needs for the elder people, many NGOs have been started on the main vision of help for the elderly.

Importance of Elderly care NGO

When one is old, they tend to undergo various mental illness and gradual weakness in their health. Due to the lack of knowledge and awareness about the issues in health conditions and mental stabilities, the proper elderly care has not been provided to the elder people. Thus to offer the best facilities and to fulfil all the essential needs of the elderly people with proper care, the NGOs for elderly people have been established all over the country and major cities.

The old age people face a lot of health issues such as memory loss, bone joint pains, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, eye sight problems, tuberculosis, kidney diseases, hearing problems, heart diseases, and much more. Thus proper elder health care with the accurate medicines has to be given to them at the perfect timings. In our modern times, the food habits and the dining times of the people have been changed to a huge rate. But the food habits and the timings of the elderly people are totally different which has to be maintained properly. These habits of the younger generation people are different from that of the elder people. This causes various problems within the family and sometimes these situations affect the physical and mental health of the elderly persons.

Since the elderly people are very weak at heart, if they face even a minute negligence and anger from the younger generations towards them, then their physical and mental health is affected very badly.  They even get affected due to family problems such as the distribution of money or property.  Thus, to free themselves from all these problems which affect their mental health, the care must be taken towards them. With the great work pressure and inconvenient timings, the younger generation people find it a bit difficult to handle the elderly people with care.

Even though the family is all the elderly person desires, sometimes the situations of the family may not satisfy the needs of the elder one. Thus the NGOs are organized for the providing all the essential facilities, and good health by caring for the elderly in all the efficient ways. They offer the best medical treatments and take proper care of the elder persons which leads the elderly people to have a peaceful living. The people working in the NGOs take a good care of the elderly people and provide them comfort and happiness which is much needed by the elders.