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Role of HR in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a workplace system designed to enhance an employee’s feelings and sentimental attachment to the organization, their job duties, position within the organization, their fellow employees, and the organizational culture. HR department mainly uses employee engagement tactics to increase their well being and productivity across various organization levels.

Through the implementation of several measures, actions, and approaches, employee engagement helps all members of an organization to put their best foot forward, every day. Employee engagement in HR also aids to ensure that every employee is committed to the organization’s mission, goals, values. At an organizational level, it is important for the purpose of enhancing the well-being of every employee.

Role of HR in Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement in HR?

While all departments throughout the organization should execute different employee engagement measures, HR departments are particularly relevant for employee engagement methods to be successful. The result of employee engagement on employee retention, as well as wellbeing and productivity, is something in which HR departments must stay at the forefront of their actions. There are five key roles that each HR department should fulfill when it comes to increasing employee engagement.

1. Executive Leadership:

As the employee engagement champions, the HRs should always take up a leadership role when it comes to recognizing and investing in ways to increase engagement tactics. The HR department is also accountable for assuring transparency and perception in regard to the organization’s expectations for each employee.

2. Employee Engagement:

HRs within the organization should be specialists in employee engagement. They are the ones who realize the importance of employee engagement in HR, what techniques best drive employee engagement, how these strategies can be measured, and what steps must be taken to develop engagement approaches continuously.

3. Training:

HR is also accountable for training, guiding, and coaching department managers in how they can fully involve their staff. As employee engagement consultants, the HRs must guide by example when it comes to maintaining an open dialog, frequently addressing causes preventing the success of employee engagement approaches, pointing out and praising progress, and looking past scores and metrics to focus on the development of the employees.

4. Activities:

Though employee engagement is a dangerous element of business success in which HR plays an essential role, they also must accomplish the position of engagement humorist by bringing enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration to the method. By introducing, executing, and regulating employment engagement activities, HR can encourage a stimulating workplace that values the individual contributions of each employee and identifies productive collaboration.

5. Measurement:

Lastly, the HR department must play the role of a gatekeeper for employee engagement. Mainly Regular surveys, department check-ins, and other means of analysis aids HR pros to develop and perform specific action plans that can be generally discussed and addressed with team managers, rather than focusing solely on data, analytics, benchmark ranking numbers and goals, the HR department must place strict importance on the specific dialogues and methods that absolutely influence employee engagement.


Empowering Employee Engagement with Technology

Technology has mainly come a long way over the last various years, making it simpler for businesses to function efficiently over time. In the realm of HR, new HR solutions are producing work environments that are not only useful to management and company leadership but the employees as well. The foundation of the right HR software has the potential to relieve the worries of lacking workforce engagement when companies know what to look for in a solution. Here are several ways an HRMS software is improving employee engagement across companies large and small.

Real-time Feedback and Recognition

One of the most basic reasons why a disengaged workforce twirls around is the lack of feedback and attention from management. When employees feel that their job is not essential, or when they are unsure of what they are doing on a complete day to day basis is correct or needed, it’s likely that workers will provide less over time. HR tech has the major potential to solve this issue through interconnected platforms and programs that admit for real-time feedback from the management.

Continuous Performance Management

Performance management is yet another way of how HR technology is enhancing employee engagement. Many companies now look at the process of performance management as a way to increase employee engagement by implementing a continuous feedback approach. One of the leading pharma player used Darwinbox’s Continuous Performance Management system specifically to have conversational feedback for their employees across the org so that giving or receiving feedback can be a part of engagement among the employees and thus can facilitate equal opportunities for everyone in the org to clarify, defend and touch upon the perils of their part of the story during the conversation. With a better, more informed employee performance appraisals, workers feel more in-tune with the organization and the work they accomplish each day.

Corporate and Individual Goals

Finally, HR solutions have a unique perception to bring together strategic organizational goals with individual employee objectives. Through performance management tools, companies can define and map out business goals and seamlessly share these with the workforce. Employees, then, have an opportunity to see how their career and individual deviant, they are likely to be higher engaged.

**HR technology tools come in various forms, and each has its benefits to bring to the corporate table. Performing a mixture of the right HR technology solutions has the potential to increase the engagement problem faced by many companies. This is all possible with Darwinbox