My name is Roger. Which is quite appropriate because I’m crazy as Roger Rabbit and I have too much pent up energy and no real outlet. This 2017 I will change that by heading out into the great outdoors and exhausting myself till there’s no energy left. Of course, being a creature of calculations I need to time myself for every aspect of my excursion; what time do I head out, how long do I stay out, how soon to hit my target, when do I start to head back home. Everything must be timed to the T. It’s a weird obsession but I’m turned on by great degrees of precision.

As a means to achieve an almost God like level of competence and mastery I need to be kitted with the best gear that I can afford. Shoes, clothes, watch and other paraphernalia depending on the type activity are on top of the list. While its easy to find the shoes and clothes, getting the right watch will be the challenge because the watch has to be in the sweet spot between functionality and looks and not mention I need to be able to afford and be happy with my choice.

My quest before the quest was the quest for the perfect watch for the perfect adventure. This loomed the big question; what are the best adventure time watches out there? There are casual watches, classic watches, shock resistant watches, digital watches. But there wasn’t a watch that looked rugged, looked good, had all the functionalities, and it would be an added bonus if the watch inspired my to go out for my next adventure. The watch should be a reminder that it is time to go out in to the wild. It’s a tough order but it’s possible.

Finally after searching every where for the best of the adventure time watches I landed on something from SF. If love at first sight means anything it was meant to be for this watch. It felt magical because as corny as it sounds, it feels like a man doesn’t choose his watch, the watch chooses the man. At least that’s how it feels like to have an SF. This is the undisputed king, the best of the adventure time watches.  The one I bought was red and rugged and digital, needless to say, it was a gorgeous piece of machinery.

The dial had an hour, day and date display. There was a really cool alarm feature and an awesome backlight. It has a water pressure resistance of 20ATM. There are 4 buttons that allows me to set the watch however I want it set. The buckle is beautiful. This is easily the best purchase I made recently. I’m extremely thrilled to have this watch grace my wrists as I go on countless adventures all across the country. This is super fiber at its finest. This Roger can’t wait to feel like Roger the rabbit and run out and have the time of his life.

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