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Rodent Removal Tips

Top 5 Rodent Removal Tips to Enhance Hygiene of Your Home

Rodent Removal Tips

Your home is supposed to be the safest place where you can live freely without worrying about your physical or mental health. So, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of your home’s hygiene to ensure that you are safe and protected. Multiple factors can affect the environment of your home negatively, and rodents are one of them. Once they get inside your home, it becomes so difficult to get rid of them.

Here are the top rodent removal tips mentioned to help you enhance the hygiene of your home.

1. Airtight Containers

Rodents and other pests can easily sniff out the food that is stored in poorly sealed bags. They can even chew the bags to get easy access to the food. So, one of the best and wise things you can do is keep your food stored in airtight containers. Ziploc bags will only be attracting pests and rodents towards them. So, airtight containers are an ideal choice if you want to keep the rodents away from your home.

2. Unclean Dishes & Trash

Unclean spaces are an invitation for the rodents to get inside your home to affect its hygiene. So, you shouldn’t wait until the next meal to wash your dishes; instead, you should clean them right after you finish your meal. Otherwise, the smell of food remnants will attract rodents, cockroaches, and other pests. Similarly, you should remove the trash from your home as soon as possible. The unclean environment would make it more difficult for you to remove existing rodents.

3. Vacuuming & Mopping

You should also invest some time in vacuuming and mopping in your home to keep the surroundings clean. It will also help you discover places which are the entry points of rodents. You can then close those areas permanently to eliminate the root cause of the issue. Moreover, you can hire any renowned crawl space cleaning service to get rid of the rodents immediately.

4. Window & Door Screens

Windows and doors are the essential part of a home as they help provide adequate ventilation. This way, the quality of your home’s air also improves. But the windows and doors also allow the rodents to get inside your home. The easiest solution to this problem is to install window and door screens with the help of professionals. Also, you should keep checking the screens to make sure there is not any gap or tear.

5. Set Traps & Use Sprays

You can detect the areas and corners of your home where the chances of finding rodents are relatively higher. You can then set traps for them with peanut butter, cheese, chocolate, meat, bacon, or a piece of bread. Also, keep checking the traps daily to remove the dead rodents and add the fresh piece of food. It is even better if you use the insecticidal surface spray in that area immediately after finding the dead rodent to kill the fleas as well.