How A Rewards Card Can Help To Save When You Shop Online

Shop Online

If you’ve noticed an uptick in your online shopping during this crucial time of the COVID-19 pandemic, racking up rewards cash on the card could help you pay for your future purchases. Taking advantage of shopping portals is a great way to double-dip with your reward cards. Hunt the best ways you may earn rewards and save on your entertainment and dining or from offers on online shopping

One way to earn rewards easily is to purchase with rewards cards that offer accelerated earn rates on purchases within a category you purchase for often. You’ve probably heard of cashback credit cards, and travel credit cards that earn extra on flight booking, gas, groceries, or office supplies. But at this time when much of our purchasing is done from the comfort of our own place, where are the credit cards that earn big on online shopping? 

People love to purchase from online shopping deals, as it is the best way to save money. 

You’ll find a few rewards credit cards for online shopping that can help you to save more. But here’s one best way to save money with your rewards card on your online purchases.

Using shopping portals to save

Most of the people don’t realize that their rewards program might have an online shopping portal that’s filled with additional offers and savings. This is quite different from redeeming your rewards points for your online purchases, typically a low-value redemption. These shopping portals can help you earn extra credit card points, airline miles, or cash back on items you already planned to buy. Sometimes, they even include promo codes for additional online shopping with the best discounts on your purchase. 

When you shop through these portals, the final purchase is still made through the retailer’s website, so you’re getting the same product for less. This is one of the most underused and best ways to earn more credit card rewards, whether you want to earn points, miles, or cash back. On top of that, you earn through the portal, you still earn the regular rewards rate on whatever credit card you use, essentially allowing you to double-dip with a single buy.

Types of shopping portals

Some shopping portals aren’t associated with anyone’s rewards program and not every rewards program includes a shopping portal. In general, there are portals that earn airline miles, portals that earn you additional credit card points, and portals that earn cashback.

  • Credit card points shopping portals
  • Airline loyalty program shopping portals
  • Cashback shopping portals.

Maximizing your rewards with online shopping portals

Enjoying the benefits of these types of shopping portals is one of the best ways to boost your rewards balance while shopping online. Simply shop through your rewards credit card’s portal and use the appropriate credit card to make payment. Get this into the habit of doing regularly when you need to make a purchase and add up over time. It’s an amazing way to earn bonus points on all your shopping products instead of just those that fall into your card’s bonus categories.