Revolutionary Cosmetic Boxes which are Leading The Customization Trend

Revolutionary Cosmetic Boxes

Fair, pimple less, wrinkle less and smooth skin is the dream of each and every individual. Soft, silky, and smooth hair is the reason why we wash our hair each and every day. To look good at weddings, birthdays and other events photographs we wash our faces with a variety of soaps. Women use artificial lashes to make their eyes look big. To smell good, we apply a myriad number of perfumes. Also, to make the hands look pretty, women use different nail polishes. To make the hair look long and pretty a number of hair extensions and hair sprays are used. Thus, cosmetic products are an essential part of each and every person’s life.


The massive popularity of cosmetic products is due to a myriad number of reasons. Essentially what counts, is the preference of people for a certain product. This preference is due to many reasons mainly due to association with a certain product. This could be due to seeing good results, good experience, and other factors. But the main thing that is affecting people’s preferences is the use of custom cosmetic boxes by manufacturers. And custom cosmetic boxes at Gator Packaging are one of the best in the business.

The cosmetic industry is a huge industry, to say the least. There are a myriad number of products for each body part of a person, hence the huge line up of products. But, each product has different characteristics and attributes, which are to be kept in mind in order to successfully sell a cosmetic product. Thus, the range of possibilities is virtually endless.


Marketing is an industry whose basis is creativity. Creativity can stem from anything, so much so color or a combination of colors can inspire creativity. Thus, it widens the playing field and allows the creative heads to let wander their brains, in order to find that one piece of ingenuity which will be called innovation. When that innovation has rooted itself firmly in the mind of the artist, then it starts to manifest itself in the material world.

Thus, becoming one and yet standing apart from them. A true enigma. This enigmatic yet equally mesmerizing thing then starts to captivate people towards itself, acquiring which will make them a better version of themselves. Thus, marketing is all about creating a preference for a certain product in the minds of the people.

Paper Stock: a solid foundation:

For a box to be a custom cosmetic box, it has to have a solid foundation. A solid foundation is essential, as it will provide the strength and durability to bear the transportation strain. But, on the other hand, this foundation has to be non-toxic and bio-degradable, thus making the box eco-friendly. For achieving eco-friendliness and strength, boxes are made from E-Flute Corrugated cardboard, eco-friendly Kraft Boxes, paperboards, Bux Boards and Cardstock. They are utilized as per customer’s demand or product utility. They achieve the purpose of being both eco-friendly and durable.

Printing: adding color to the chameleon:

Boxes are like chameleons. They are colorless and inanimate objects waiting to acquire the next color, just like a chameleon. Thus, this attribute of the box provides the manufacturer with a whole range of possibilities. The quality of the print is what determines the success or failure of the product. Hence, a high-quality print has to show the pictures, taglines and other words clearly. Otherwise, the sales of the product could become low and the entire effort might go down the drain.

Manufacturers provide a wide range of printing options this includes: offset printing, 3D printing, high-tech digital printing, and on-screen printing. CMYK or PMs color schemes are used by the manufacturers. Thus, a high-quality color scheme combined with a high-quality printing technique can create a great box.

Graphics Designer Support: making the chameleon:

Before coloring the chameleon i.e., the box, a design has to be made on it. For this service, a graphics designer is employed by manufacturers. The manufacturers have a wide range of designs already available with them, and you can also choose from them. But, they also give the customer the option of bringing his/her own design. The graphics designer will then do slight adjustments to the design, to make it more appealing, and thus the box is then printed.

Eye cosmetic boxes: a radiant view:

The immense number of cosmetic products means that there is an equal number of boxes. Thus, some of the cosmetic product boxes for the eye are:

  1. Custom Eyelash Boxes
  2. Eyeliner Boxes
  3. Custom Eyeshadow Boxes
  4. Custom Mascara Boxes

Lip cosmetic Boxes: a fiery glance:

Women adorn their lips with a number of lipsticks. Hence, the number of boxes are also huge. Some of the cosmetic product boxes for the lips are:

  1. Custom Lipstick Boxes
  2. Custom Lip Gloss Boxes
  3. Lip Balm Boxes
  4. Custom Lip Liner Boxes

Hair cosmetic Boxes: a glowing sensation:

Women take a lot of care of their hairs. Thus, some of the cosmetic product boxes for hair are:

  1. Custom Shampoo Bar Boxes
  2. Custom Shampoo Boxes
  3. Hair Extension Boxes
  4. Custom Hair Spray Boxes

Face Cosmetic Boxes: a beauty to look at:

A lot of creams, lotions and facewashes are present in the market for the face. Some of the cosmetic product boxes for face are:

  1. Custom Cream Boxes
  2. Custom Lotion Boxes
  3. Foundation Boxes
  4. Custom Bead Oil Boxes

Shipping: presenting the chameleon:

After the boxes are manufactured, they are shipped to their respective customer. Shipping costs a lot. Thus, boxes are shipped for free. This is because no shipping charges are included during or after shipping. A one-time fee is charged from the customer at the time of order confirmation.

Custom cosmetic boxes are making a huge impact in terms of sales. Thus, each and every cosmetic product manufacturer is employing its use, to boost their sales. They are affordable, can be customized, and the possibilities are virtually endless.