Everything You Need to Know Before Relocating to Fort Lauderdale

Florida, the southernmost state of the contiguous United States, is a popular place to visit and live for people of all ages. Known as “The Sunshine State,” Florida provides desired sunshine, rest, relaxation, and sandy beaches to the retirees and older adults who choose this state to settle down from work. Statistical data from the Pew Center for Research demonstrates how popular this decision is, with over 19 percent of individuals 65 years old and up living in Florida; this is the highest percentage in the United States, which is fitting, considering how famed Florida is as a retirement spot.

Florida’s sunny cities and beaches also appeal to the younger crowd, with places like Tampa, Miami, and Daytona being popular destinations for spring vacation. Fort Lauderdale—a Floridian city famous for spring break and the setting for a 1980s spring break film—is full of party spots for tourists and Florida residents.


Fort Lauderdale is an ideal city for retirees, young adults, people on vacation, and families looking to settle down. Its beaches and spaces that promote running, swimming, and other forms of physical activity outdoors. When planning and preparing to move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, people should consider factors such as their financial status, healthcare, costs related to food, homeownership, maintenance of the home, and utilities. Additionally, it’s practical to know the job outlook and opportunities in the city, the places for education, and hospitals and emergency services.

Listed below is information everyone should know before finalizing a move to Fort Lauderdale.

What You Can Do for Fun in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a beach city set among waterways and canals, making it the perfect place for boating. Filled with resorts and restaurants, people can enjoy golfing and great dining here. This city also has excellent theaters, museums, shops, and entertainment venues that allow people to have luxurious, enjoyable experiences.

Housing Prices in the City

In the Fort Lauderdale area, homes typically have an estimated median home price of over $270,000, whereas the median monthly rent is around $1,135. Most people living in Fort Lauderdale can find a neighborhood that suits their budget and lifestyle. Some communities are comfortable for established professionals, their families, and those seeking a new job in the area or intending to start a family. Other neighborhoods in the city are just right for single professionals, young adults, and retired couples.

The Climate of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale’s weather is warm throughout the year. Summer months in this city can be humid, and temperatures can reach the 80s and 90s. For this reason, air conditioners are vital features in Southern homes. Considering this climate, one of your first actions upon moving to Fort Lauderdale should be having a professional air conditioning repair service tune-up and repair your air conditioning unit.

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High rise condo

Once you’re sure about moving to a high-rise condo, gated community, or waterfront home in the “Venice of America,” hire the best Fort Lauderdale movers—Solomon & Sons. This moving company can help with local and long-distance moves to Fort Lauderdale. These professional movers are the best moving company in the moving industry; their hard work and excellent service, coupled with the best experience of customer service will have you officially moved into your new home by the move date you desire.

The state of Florida has a warm, tropical climate that makes any city perfect for people seeking a new place. When planning a move to Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, or other Floridian cities, consider gathering crucial information like what reputable company to consult for AC repair in Coral Springs, the emergency services and non-emergency numbers in Orlando, or the times for store closures across South Florida.