Relaxing With Kratom Tea

For hundreds of years, Southeast Asian natives have turned to the leaves of Kratom to boost energy, manage a balanced mood, and aid in relaxation. One of the most traditional and surprising ways they consume this tropical evergreen plant is by brewing it into tea. Kratom is gaining popularity across the world, and so is Kratom tea.

Most people who are passionate about Kratom like the idea of turning the crushed leaves into a brew simply because it offers outstanding benefits they can hardly find in any other ingestion method. Sipping a warm cup of Kratom tea is enjoyed for multiple purposes. If you are new to the world of Kratom, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll tell you how to relax with Kratom tea.

Kratom Tea

Brewing Kratom tea

First things first, it’s important to understand how to make a cup of Kratom tea when you need it for relaxation. There are different ways to brew tea, some of which are time-consuming and more complicated than others. Traditionally, Kratom enthusiasts preferred brewing the beverage from scratch using Kratom leaves. This method is still used to date. Some users prefer brewing tea using Kratom tea bags or Kratom powder, especially if they want to take Kratom at work.

Brewing with Kratom leaves

Steep Kratom leaves in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Keep in mind that the longer the leaves soak, the more alkaloids will be released and the stronger the tea becomes. Strain the tea in a cup either hot or warm, and enjoy. Kratom is naturally bitter and if you can’t stand the taste, add a sweeter such as sugar or honey.

Brewing using Kratom tea bags

Brewing Kratom tea using tea bags is similar to making any other cup of coffee. Pour hot water in a cup and place the teabag. Allow them to sit for a few minutes to release the alkaloids into the water and enjoy your tea.

Brewing using Kratom powder

Kratom powder is perfect for individuals who want an instant coffee-like experience. Pour water into a teapot and bring it to simmer. Add a desirable amount of Kratom powder and stir gently as you allow the mixture to continue simmering for about 10 minutes. Strain the tea through a fine strainer and serve.

Relaxing with Kratom tea

There are three Kratom strains which are differentiated by the natural vein color of the leaves. These are white, red, and green, but the red-veined Kratom is the best strain for relaxation. Therefore, red Borneo, red Bali, red Malay, red Thai, red vein Kali and Horned red vein Kratom have mood-elevating effects and soothing aromas that make them excellent for relaxation.

The best way to relax with Kratom tea is to consume it anytime you feel you need to calm down. If you are at home, you can prepare your favorite cup using Kratom leaves or powder, but if you are at the workplace, it will be convenient to make using tea bags. When taken responsibly, Kratom tea made from the red strain is mood-enhancing, promotes sleep, and produces euphoric effects. According to experts, the strong relaxation that Kratom tea provides to the body and mind can be enjoyed at the end of the day when the user wants to get in a calm state.

The aspect of making and drinking Kratom tea is satisfying. The process of brewing your tea repeatedly and thinking about the greatness of Kratom puts you in a deeply relaxing state even before sipping the beverage. What’s more, the aroma of Kratom tea elevates your moods, relaxes your muscles, and improves your sense of optimism.

Bottom line

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. People drink tea for different reasons, but if you’re specifically looking for something that will elevate your mood and help you relax, Kratom tea is what you need. With so many strains available, red-veined Kratom is the best for relaxation. When shopping, only buy high-quality products from verified sellers, make and take a cup of Kratom tea every morning or evening for a relaxed body and mind.