4 Top Tips for Recovering from a Long-Haul Flight

Recovering From a Long-Haul Flight

Although going on vacation to a far-flung and exotic destination is like a dream come true at the time, the effect that a long-haul flight has on you, both physically and mentally, can take its toll.

From experiencing jetlag to battling dehydration to struggling with muscle stiffness, keep reading to discover how you can recover from a long-haul flight in just four simple steps.

Take time to recover 

If you know you will be undertaking a long-haul flight, make sure you clear your diary at least for the next day and for several days if your schedule allows it. Your body is not designed to spend that long sitting in a confined space traveling at 500 miles an hour, and it will suffer repercussions as a result.

Although there is much debate over whether jetlag actually exists and whether you should try and stay awake in order to get back in your current time zone, if your body is tired and telling you it needs to rest, then let it.

If you can, try and sleep on the plane, but if not, take yourself to bed the moment you get home for a nap.

Boost your hydration levels 

Unfortunately, after a long-haul flight, this is not as simple as just upping your water intake; you need a fast and effective influx of fluids as well as vitamins and minerals that will have become depleted while traveling.

Choosing a Reset IV treatment package that is specifically designed to help combat the symptoms of jetlag and dehydration is arguably your best bet. Including a combination of normal saline solution, Toradol (an anti-inflammatory), and a range of B vitamins and multivitamins, this treatment will have you fighting fit in no time.

Indulge in a massage

Even a short flight can leave you feeling stiff and tense, but one that lasts over seven hours in length can have a seriously detrimental effect on your body. A massage may seem like a bit of a luxury, especially if you have only just come back from vacation, but you should try and look at it as an essential part of your body’s recovery after a long-haul flight.

The type of massage you choose is up to you, but a Thai massage will not only help relieve your tense muscles but also to de-stress you and revive your mind as well as your body.

Focus on carbs

You may be worried about not being able to stick to your normal healthy eating habits after a long-haul flight and you are right to be. You are likely to be worn out, both physically and mentally, and this will be reflected in your food choices.

As a general rule, your body will most likely be craving carbs for energy and it is perfectly acceptable for you to indulge these cravings, at least for the first day. Try to avoid processed or high-sugar foods, as these will make you feel sluggish or result in a quick energy fix followed by a massive slump.

There you have it: four tips for recovering from a long-haul flight.