Reasons to Replace a Shingle Roof

Replace a Shingle Roof

Nowadays the trends are shifting towards building the flat and shingle free roofs and most of the contemporary buildings which you see these days are constructed with their roofs without shingles. Although shingles roof was very much popular once, now this traditionally popular choice has been changed and a lot of people are now replacing their shingle roofs. There are many reasons due to which shingle roofs have not remained a practical choice anymore and their durability is also questioned in different climate-sensitive areas.

There is no doubt in it that the shingle roofs give such beauty and elegance to the building as is not possible with a flat roof. But this must also be admitted that shingle roofs have many disadvantages. Their maintenance and even changing of shingles is also not an easy task because of the material which is used in making shingles. Shingles are made from wood, asphalt, ceramics, rubber, slate and other such substances and all of these are very difficult to recycle.

There are certain reasons which advocate why you should replace your shingle roof.

Low durability:

Shingled roofs are more prone to damages from weather atrocities and other such elements. Especially the strong winds and storms can dislodge the shingles very easily. Moreover, the nocturnal animals like opossums and raccoons can scamper and damage the shingles on the roof. Once the shingles are individually broken, the nails can get displaced and hence the roof gets damaged altogether. In addition to this, a lot of damage can be caused by the nearby tree branches especially when the wind blows hard.

Little or no resilience of shingle roof:

Although a shingle roof may look very attractive and gives a catchy appearance as far as beauty and elegance is concerned, there are a lot of drawbacks to this beautiful looking roof. Therefore it does not make a good choice when it comes to selecting a good and strong roof type.

If you live in an area where there are extreme weather conditions and patterns then shingle roof is a bad choice as it will cost you a lot. Once the shingles are damaged by strong wind or storm, it is very hard to restore them and the only solution is their replacement which can cost you a lot in every season. Moreover, the shingled roof does not ensure the stability of the house as done by other kinds of roofs.

The problem of leakage with a shingled roof:

There is a greater risk of leaking with a shingled roof as compared to any other roof types. The main reason behind this problem is that while laying the shingled roof, the shingles are set on the base of the roof mostly in a horizontal fashion. In this way, the other dimension of the roof base remains exposed to outside weather and to leakage as well. If you go for repairing the leaking roof, it may cost you a lot and even more if the leakage problem has been unattended for a long time.

Wear and tear and deforming of shingles:

No matter what material is used in the making of shingles, their shape is such that they get deformed after some time. Most commonly curling of shingles has been observed in many cases. The main causes of the curling of shingles are changes in weather and time span. Aging of shingles causes a change in their shape and loss of moisture content in their composition.

Due to this reason, they are unable to hold the roof and sometimes also get detached. This is not only a question to the durability of the roof but also to the aesthetic value of your house. If you still aren’t able to decide whether you should replace a shingle roof or not, in that case, you can always consult Roofing and Siding companies in Ann Arbor Michigan for professional advice.