Top 5 Reasons for Contributing to Elder Health Care

Contributing to Elder Health Care

Cognitive decline, increasing frailty of the body and unexplained weakness – these are the signs of old age. A person above 60 years of age falls into the senior citizen group. Having worked all the life to take care of the family, elderly people are entitled to healthcare, respect and importance. They truly deserve this. Also, the contribution of elder people to society cannot be undermined even if they are not doing anything substantial. Here is an overview of why help for the elderly is a noble cause and we must contribute towards it.

Elderly people buy things, and hire services

Just because the elderly people are not earning for themselves or family does not mean that they are not contributing to country’s economy. They also shop, hire services and buy food items, medicines on a regular basis. Catering to the needs of the elderly people require working population. Thus, senior citizens do create employment opportunities for the youth of the country.

They provide unconditional love and support

Even in old age, they take the responsibility for taking care of grandchildren when the parents are out to work. One must think of hiring good health care for old people as it allows them to go to work with added peace of mind. There are health volunteers who are dedicated to providing care for the elderly people and this is what you need when the job responsibilities do not allow you to stay by their side all the 24 hours.

They act as volunteers

It is simple and clear truth that there are many organizations which are able to work only because of the volunteering done by senior citizens. So, elder health care is essential for the smooth functioning of these organizations that need the support of dedicated individuals.

They also pay taxes

As a responsible citizen of the country, they diligently pay taxes on the pension or allowances earned in lieu of the services given all their lives. Senior citizen health care program is, therefore, a well-earned right of the elderly people.

Seniors make lots of donations

Senior citizens typically participate in a large number of charitable causes and make generous contributions, much higher in amount collectively as compared to that made by the handful few of working population.

Seniors always stand by their ailing friends and relatives

Elderly people value relationships a lot and stand by their ailing friends and spouse and take very good care of them in person as well as emotionally. Don’t you think it would be worthwhile to do their bit in making the lives of such noble people easier by contributing to elder health care programs?

It is not so difficult to do their bit towards the cause of elder care. One can pay in cash or kind or may also take part in voluntary activities in the free time. Moreover, contributions made to elderly homes win the donor rebate from tax and are deducted fully from the taxable income.