Top Reasons To Opt For Sleep Dentistry

Many of us avoid a visit to the dentists and do not mind bearing the pain and discomfort. But, one should be aware that oral health is as important as the general health. Most of us have an uncalled fear of dentists. In case you are not able to overcome this fear, you have the option of checking with your dentist for sleep dentistry. This is a procedure which helps you relax and go through the required treatment without getting any panic attacks. This can relieve you of stress and anxiety besides the discomfort faced on a dentist’s chair. This fear of visiting a dentist can be due to a number of factors, which include:

  • Fear of dental equipment or needles.
  • Sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Past experience at the dentist which was traumatic.
  • Stress about an extended treatment.
  • Discomfort associated with the smell, sights, sounds, and tastes associated with dentist care.
sleep dentistry

Types of Sedation: 

The type of sedation offered to a patient depends on his needs. Having some information on the different options of sedation can add your comfort levels.

Oral Conscious Sedation: 

This sedation is given in the form of a pill. The dosage determines whether the sedation will be light or total. Moderate sedation is a common choice. The patient does not remember the procedure at all even though he/she is conscious. There are quite a few patients who tend to fall asleep with this sedation. This pill needs to be taken one hour before the dental procedure.

Nitrous Oxide: 

Those suffering from a low level of anxiety are treated with nitrous oxide or commonly called as laughing gas. You tend to be extremely relaxed during the procedure. The gas is placed on your face via a mask. This sedative has a low impact. You can even think of driving back home after the procedure.

IV Sedation: 

The intravenous sedation is one of the fast working sedatives as the sedative is administered directly to the bloodstream with the help of a needle. This procedure works aptly for severe or even moderate sedation.

Opt For Sleep Dentistry

Reasons for Opting Sleep Dentistry:

Opting for any dental treatment with sedatives has its own set of advantages which work not only in your favor but also the dentists.

1. Get rid of Anxiety and Fear:

There are quite a few people who experience anxiety and fear even with harboring the thought of visiting a dentist. This sleep dentistry can work wonders for any type of anxiety because your fear is wiped off as soon as you plop yourself on the dentist’s chair.

2. Speed for the Dentist:

With sedation, patients tend to be relaxed so that there is no movement or even any type of talk. This helps the dentist to concentrate on his job and this is completed in a short span of time.

3. Forget Pain:

The pain in the gums or teeth during a procedure is dreaded by most patients. With this sleep dentistry, there is no sign or symptom of any pain. There is nothing better than a dental care which can be pain-free.

4. Regular Visits:

Opting for sleep dentistry most patients do not mind a visit to the dentist as and when required as the fear is wiped out.

Now that you have decided to pay a visit to the dentist for your dental problems, make sure you choose a dentist who offers you this option of sleep dentistry. It is wiser to opt for a well-reputed dentist who has the required experience. This can make all the difference to the treatment offered.