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Push Your Limits with 5 Crazy Sports!

With so many people on the health and fitness bandwagon, sports are part of our everyday recreational schedules.  But, oh my, some of them are boring with a capital ‘B’!  There are only so many times that you can run or walk the same route day in day out!  Many of us choose a fitness class, or gym session; both fantastic for our health and wellbeing, as well as the social aspect, but wouldn’t it be exciting to step out of the box now and again?  Look at these activities and tell me there’s not at least one you’d love to have a go at!


Indoor Rock Climbing

Perfect for an introduction to the real thing!  If the weather’s not to your liking then this is definitely for you; the artificial structures are built to mimic the experience of climbing real rock faces.  The staff at climbing centres are all experienced as well as helpful, and will set you up with all the safety equipment needed for a safe and enjoyable climb.  With different difficulties of walls, there’s sure to be one that will challenge even the most seasoned climber, as well as the novices among you!



Who wouldn’t love rolling down a hillside inside a giant transparent inflatable ball?  There are many companies offering zorbing experiences, boasting different gradients and terrains on custom built runs.  Just as fun is the water version – you’ll still be sealed in the ball, just walking or rolling around on the water!



Over 3 million skydives take place every year, and this activity is fast becoming one of the most popular for people seeking that adrenaline rush!  It’s all ultra-safe, and you’ll jump in tandem, harnessed to a fully qualified and experienced instructor.  You’ll dive from 13,000 feet and experience the freefall element at 130mph for around 45 seconds. Your instructor will then deploy the parachute, and you’ll float down to terra firma taking in the scenery as you do.  Many people jump for charity – who knows how much you could raise in sponsorship?!


Zip Lining

With over 700 zip line courses worldwide, you be sure to find one near you.  This activity boasts stunning views in beautiful locations and is an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon!  The zip line cable may only be half an inch thick, but it has a break strength of 22,000lbs, so even an 8 tonne elephant could hang from a zip line without breaking it!  Again, safety is paramount and you’ll be kitted out with all the equipment needed – not the sport to wear your flip flops!


Anti-Gravity Yoga

Sounds a bit space age, doesn’t it?  Well let me assure you that this involves no visits to NASA whatsoever!  Anti-gravity yoga was invented by Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and choreographer, and involves exercises inspired by traditional Yoga and Pilates, but in a hanging hammock like apparatus, in order to achieve a total body workout.  With advantages over standard yoga, it allows you to try different inversion positions which cause the blood to rush to your head – particularly beneficial to your thyroid and pituitary glands.  This style of yoga also improves blood flow and will help increase strength and flexibility, particularly in the spine.