Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant

The best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi will never ask you to go in for plastic surgery for petty issues. It is only when the surgeons find that plastic surgery is the only solution that they motivate you to go in for the same. Same is the case with the hair transplant. The best hair transplant surgeon will tell you upfront whether it is actually required by you or not. In this case, he will also update you about the advantages and disadvantages of getting it done. Here in this article we are going to highlight the pros and cons of hair transplant. These are given as follows:

Advantages of Hair Transplant

This process is sure to give you results that are going to last for a long term especially for the male pattern baldness and hair thinning in women. It is due to the hormonal fluctuations. Also, it goes well in cases of scalp injuries. In addition to this, it is also very cost effective if you compare it to medication treatments as it is a lifetime treatment. The process aims at natural hair growth that is long lasting and this is fruitfully achieved. You get the most important result that is the aesthetic appeal that was otherwise lost.

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

Among a plenty of side effects that the hair transplant offers, the most common one is the rate of infection of the hair follicles. In addition to this scalp swelling as well as itching might take place in some cases. Not only this, in some cases it is noticed that there is also a chance of losing the transplanted hair. This in formal terms is known as “shock loss.” Last but not least, in some cases there are a little chances of hair follicles dying off before the hair even regenerates. As a result of this, you can see the bumps on the scalp. Due to the fact that the part of the scalp is highly reduced during the transplantation so the chance of developing the wide scars also increases.

All in all, these are the pros and cons of hair transplant. In case you are planning to get it done then you must make it a point to analyse both the sides of the con and determine if the advantages of getting it done outweighs the disadvantages or not. Having determined the same, you can then go in for getting a hair transplant done and wait for the results that you expect it to give you. Most of the times you are sure to get the expected results but not always.

Jemma Barsby is a person who takes keen interest in the things like hair transplant. Having met and discussed the same with the best hair transplant surgeon the author is out with a brief analysis of the same. also, the author keeps interacting with the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi to get the latest updates about the field.