The effectiveness of insulation is expressed by its thermal resistance, noted R on the label. Higher the R is, the more insulating the product. R depends on the thickness and the thermal conductivity.Insulate the attics and walls that face the outside, it is essential to divide at least by two his heating bill. It is still necessary to choose the right used insulation blowing machines. ¬†Choosing to repeat it regularly, isolating is the most effective way to reduce your heating bill. You have to start with the attic, an operation that pays off in a few years, before going to the walls. Each industry defends its material, each manufacturer’s products, to have a reliable and objective opinion is difficult.

Is it possible to reduce the thickness?

Insulating the walls from the outside is better but expensive. And from the inside, we reduce the living space. To limit the loss of space, the best is the glass wool. Too expensive to be used everywhere as they are valuable when every square meter lost is a worry. The used cellulose insulation blowers   machine blow allows a homogeneous laying, density and a precise volume. Bulk is very suitable for lost attics, rollers also when it can be accessed easily. The panels may be suitable for attics and walls.The insulation that gets lost loses its effectiveness. In wall insulation, so that there is no sagging over the years, the product must have a certain density.

Avoid Rodents

We must put grids with very fine mesh to block them. There is however an insulator anti-rodents, it is the bulk of hemp. But beware, this very dense material (110 kg / m 3) is not suitable everywhere, it is too heavy for plasterboard ceilings.You need a vapor barrier. It is placed on the heated side, it must be airtight and water vapor, placed continuously and with adhesives. Badly put, it causes loss, condensation and mold. For roofs, it also requires a screen under roof and, absolutely, a blade of air at least 3 cm to ventilate the outside, between the cover and the insulation. So, if you are looking for used insulation blower insulizer, this is the perfect time to go for it. Metal rails running through the insulation are 50% less efficient. It is therefore necessary to use plastic plugs and connectors. On the roof, the ideal is to lay the insulation in crossed layers.

Conclusion: Mistakes to Avoid

Above all, it is important to treat the causes of moisture. If the wall remains wet, “we prefer capillary insulators, moisture passes through them without degrading them. Cellulose wadding is a good choice since disastrous ammonium salts are banned. Based on recycled paper and newspapers, it has an excellent environmental profile, in addition to its thermal and sound insulation qualities. There is used insulation blowing machines for sale in the market.

About us- But the main thing is to sacrifice nothing on the thickness and heat resistance in the attic, and to ask well. The choice of this or that insulation must remain secondary to this imperative.

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