6 Projects That Will Make Your Home More Sustainable

Home More Sustainable

Sustainability is the word on everybody’s lips. Regardless of whether your goal is saving the environment or cutting down on your bills, this is something we all need to start thinking about. If you too are looking for ways to be greener, you’re in luck as there are many ways how you can upgrade your home to achieve just that. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to completely renovate your home or just do a quick project, take a look below for some inspiration.

Replace your doors and windows

In case you are spending a lot of money on bills, you might have a leak somewhere in the house. You should check whether there are any gaps around your doors and windows where the cool and/or warm air can escape. If you don’t have the funds to install new elements, at least seal the gaps to prevent air from leaving your home. You can hire a professional to do this but you can also find useful tutorials online that will help.

On the other hand, you can replace everything and get energy-efficient models that will work in your favor. The window glazing options prevent 90% of sun rays from entering your home and keep the home warm when it’s cold outside and vice versa. Moreover, if you don’t have enough natural light in your home, think about adding more windows and skylights and look into passive heating options.

Improve your insulation

Besides doors and windows, you should ensure you have no other leaks in your home. For example, an attic is often a place where a lot of air escapes. If you have access, you should check it out and seal any holes. However, there are other areas you cannot neglect either. The basement and crawl space also need insulation as they can get quite cold during the winter, which means that your floors will be cold and you will probably use more heating to compensate. If you are not sure what you are doing even after watching many YouTube videos on this topic, it’s best to call in the pros.

Make sure your appliances are energy-efficient

If you are completely redoing your kitchen, you are probably thinking about getting all the new appliances. Well, when doing that, make sure you do your research and invest in energy-efficient models that will help you save money on electricity in the long run. However, if you are only going to replace your cabinets or simply rearrange your kitchen layout, you can stock up on Westinghouse spare parts if that is a brand you use in your home. That means that you can quickly solve any issues the appliances might be having without having to purchase all new elements and worry about whether they will fit into the current layout.

Conserve water by installing useful features

Besides cutting down on your electricity use, you also need to look for ways to conserve water. An easy project you can do on your own when it comes to this is replacing all your faucets with low-flow models. Do it in the kitchen and bathroom, and in addition to the taps, you can also get new showerheads with this feature. A bit more expensive upgrade is sensor-activated taps which will ensure the water is never left running. In case you are renovating your bathroom, you can even add a new low-flow and dual-flush toilet.

Grow your own products

Something else you can try your hand at is growing your own produce. Not only will you save money in the long run if it’s successful but you will also be eco-friendly by cutting down your carbon footprint. Even if you don’t have a backyard where your garden can be, you can get a few windowsill planters and have a small veggie or herb garden. If you do have a yard, you should consider planting some trees as well.

Creating your own compost is another way how you can contribute to the environment. Finally, we already mentioned water conservation, so you can look into rainwater collection systems. Seeing as how tap water has been chemically processed, it is a poor source of nitrate, which makes rainwater a better solution. Plus, you will not be paying for the huge amounts of water you will be using.

Consider renewable sources

Lastly, you should consider some alternative energy sources that are renewable. Perhaps you can install solar panels on your roof or in your yard. Sure, it sounds like a big investment but in some time, you might be able to sell electricity back to the grid. Maybe there is a wind farm near you that you can rely on for energy. Look into all available options if you’re really dedicated to helping the planet.

Depending on the time and budget at your disposal, there are many projects you can take on to be more sustainable. From looking into clean energy sources to having your own garden, you can surely do something that will make your home eco-friendly.