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Having a pet is a beautiful experience, and they are a lovely addition to the family. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet in your home, and you are planning to get a new pet, you’d have to consider a lot of things. One of them is potty training the pet because animal urine or faeces on a carpet is never a good combination. For example, dog urine damages carpets quickly, and they make your home have a bad smell.

If you already own a pet, and it has soiled your carpet, you would need to contact carpet cleaning services to help you get rid of the stains.

For all potential pet owners and those who already own pets, these tips will help keep your carpet in relatively good shape, avoid pet odours and stains.

  • Clean any mess immediately

    If you own a carpet and a pet, you need to observe your pet at all times, so you can notice when they are about to make a mess or immediately after. Cleaning up the mess your pets make as soon as it is done makes the stain come off faster.

    If it is a wet stain, first blot the area using a clean towel or paper towel. Try not to rub the stained area because it makes the stain get worse. If it is a solid pile, pick it up with a paper towel, then use any special carpet spot cleaner to get rid of the stain. You could contact an expert cleaner to recommend a suitable spot cleaner. The spot cleaner may also be ideal for cleaning a wet area.

    You can also ask for a good odour remover for your carpet as odour removers prevent your carpet from having a stale smell due to whatever that is stuck in the carpet.

  • Add stain repellent to the carpet.

    To deal with stains from your carpet and have the carpet last longer, you need a stain repellent. A good stain repellent prevents your carpet from absorbing stains and spills, and it prevents soiling.

    Stain repellents won’t stop your pet from messing up your carpet, but it makes cleaning the carpet easier. The repellent will make the wet stain gather on top of the carpet instead of soaking the carpet fibres. Even if your carpet has a stain repellent, you need to clean the mess as soon as you can because the carpet will eventually absorb the stain.
  • Have a puppy pads even when potty training

    It is usually not possible to keep an eye on your puppy every time. Even when you try to, a few seconds is all it takes for your puppy to mess up your carpet. To prevent accidents, you can get puppy pads from a retail store or online and place them on your carpet.

    Puppy pads are a better alternative to newspapers which might spill ink on your carpet when they are wet as this is even a more difficult stain to deal with. Puppy pads can absorb the mess, but prevent it from getting to your carpet because they have a plastic protector beneath. Puppy pads also help you prevent stale carpet odour and makes the puppy keep going to the same spot.

    You can also try kennel training or restricting the movement of your puppy at night or when you are not at home. This helps you reduce the area you have to clean and keeps your puppy safe.

  • Regular professional carpet cleaning

    The best way to remove pet stains on your carpet is by getting a professional carpet cleaner for the job. Professional carpet cleaners have the right product to remove pet stains and odour from your carpet. They also have the skill and experience in cleaning different types of carpet.

    Getting a professional ensures your carpet remains attractive and last longer. Getting a new carpet is not cheap, and you would not need a new carpet after a professional removes the stain and odour from the old one.
  • Have a professional, stretch, repair and clean your carpet

    Have a professional carpet cleaning company you can trust to repair your carpet when the need arises, stretch the carpet fibres and clean them always. This helps you get rid of the mess your adorable pet makes.

Ensure that you always look out for top-rated carpet cleaners, so your carpet does not get damaged. A professional carpet cleaner would always use the right cleaning equipment and products on your carpet. To ensure you hire one today.

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