Private Jobs vs Bank Clerk Jobs

For the youth fired up with ambition, private jobs seem to be glamorous, high profile and possibly high paying—provided you can find yourself such a job. These are not as widely available as one assumes. On the other hand, you have the more mundane and routine job of a bank clerk, obtained after passing a somewhat tough ibps exam but it offers security, safety, and a steady income. What are the pros and cons of private jobs and bank clerk jobs? Read on.

Private jobs

  • You have to be exceptional in studies and in performance on the job. You are chosen only if you have a bright academic career and the personality to handle key positions.
  • Can expect a high salary but the working hours are not fixed. You may find yourself working late hours and even carrying work home. You do not have much of private life.
  • Cannot take leave or go on a vacation.You get these benefits only when you are confirmed and become a regular employee.
  • Increments might below and do not keep pace with the rising cost of living. It also depends on the whim of the employer. If the employer finds that you are being paid more and that they can get someone fresh to do the job, they will not give much thought to firing you. You find yourself without a job.
  • There comes a time when you may not be looking at promotion because of an established hierarchy. You have to job hop and, at senior positions, finding a lucrative job becomes difficult as time passes.
  • Nepotism and plenty of politics in private workplaces is also found.
  • There is a lot of stress and anxiety which are not good for your health.

With an uncertain future, you cannot plan for a family and you must always save because you never know when you will be on the bench.

Bank clerk job

You can be a plain graduate in any stream with second class or third class and you can still apply for the post of a clerk in a nationalized bank. The only criterion is that you must gain a sufficiently high score in the ibps bank clerk exam.

  • You may think the job is not glamorous but you will be dealing with the public and will handle a variety of tasks. Can even think of climbing up the ladder through departmental exams.
  • You get a good starting salary with perquisites and with DA hikes every now and then.
  • As a clerk in a nationalized bank, you are entitled to loans and HRA as well as leave travel allowance every two years. You can have a family, buy a house and educate your children in comfort, though not in absolute luxury.

Think about it. If you are an average student and cannot take the pressures of jobs in the private sector, study for ibps bank clerk exam, know the ibps syllabus and the ibps clerk exam pattern and you can hope to have a steady, secure future as a clerk in a nationalized bank.