Go Digital to Prepare for Your Medical Entrance Test

Does human anatomy intrigue you? Do you enjoy the discipline of live sciences? If this is the case, then you are certainly cut-out for the medical profession. But one thing that is between you and your dream is the medical entrance test. In India, lakhs appear for these tests every year. AIIMS, AIMPT, and NEET are a few of the topmost entrance exams in the country. The competition is stiff and therefore, you need the backing of a sound preparation strategy that is content-rich and technologically sound.

Today more students are turning to digital learning. This is because it is convenient, fast, and accessible. The intent of this article is to throw light on the rewards of digital learning and how it can help you ace the entrance exams.

Medical Entrance Test

Aakash iTutor is one such digital learning program, offered by Aakash Institute that encourages medical aspirants to prepare for the coveted entrance exam anywhere, anytime. Listed below are some of the benefits of including e-learning in your medical entrance coaching.

Get access to rich content

For an aspiring medical aspirant, expert guidance plays an important role in the preparation. Be it Thermodynamics in Physics or Osmotic Pressure in Biology, getting access to rich content is vital for the engineering aspirants. Through Aakash iTutor, students can learn from lectures that are delivered by the expert faculty in various disciplines- Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Every chapter in each of these subjects is covered in detail so that students can study right from the comfort of their homes.

Take daily quizzes

This is yet another interesting offering of Aakash iTutor. Preparing for the medical entrance exam is not just about mugging up Physics formulae and Biology lessons. It is much beyond that. Taking daily quizzes will improve critical thinking, application of concepts, speed, and accuracy. Solving a certain number of quiz questions within a stipulated timeframe will help you harness your aptitude for problem-solving.

Buy chapters as per individual requirement

Just in case you need help in specific chapters like Vectors in Physics or Inorganic Chemistry etc., Aakash iTutor allows students to buy chapters as per their requirement. Topic-wise videos help students brush up their learning and address their weak spots efficiently.

Get access to high-quality study material

There’s no need to get intimidated by thick medical entrance books. The e-books on Aakash iTutor give you an advantage over other medical entrance coaching platforms and help you study better.

Get expert advice

Doubts are like speed breakers in your preparation schedule. Prevent them from becoming a hindrance to your dream by reaching out to experts. Just place your query online on reputed digital learning platforms like Aakash iTutor and you will get the answer from the expert faculty of the institute. Now, you don’t need to feel now go digital to prepare for your medical entrance test

helpless at any stage of preparation and continue with your preparation smoothly.

Get advantage of self-paced learning

This is one of the biggest advantages of Aakash iTutor. Since you have access to pre-recorded lectures, you can study, replay, pause, and resume the lecture anytime. There are no interruptions and you can learn at your own pace.

Medical entrance coaching has taken a new turn in digital learning. Aakash iTutor is an e-learning platform from the reputed institute Aakash, that helps students to study on the go and even without the internet. Aakash iTutor offers SD cards embedded with video lectures to the students. These memory cards can be plugged into tablets and laptops to help students study for NEET at their own pace and save on the commute time and cost.