Powering Your Way

Have you ever had a time when you didn’t feel like doing things that need to be done? A book report that’s half-way done but is due at the end of the week? Taking care of the pile of dishes in the sink that’s been there the whole day?

You see this happen a lot. Take a look around you. It’s uncommon in offices, high schools, and even in your own home.

We all have moments like that. We all tend to procrastinate just because we don’t feel like getting stuff done. But the thing is, they need to be done; otherwise, there may be drastic consequences.

Motivation Is Key

In most cases, renewing your mindset and having the right motivation can remedy these situations. It’s just a matter of perspective.

If you want to overcome this attitude and replace it with better habits, you need to rise to the occasion and get moving. Don’t wait to get motivated and inspired. Your motivation should come from knowing that it will make you a better person.

Powering Through Tasks You Don’t Want to Do

Think about why it is good to get it done.

Behind every task that needs to be done is a good and legitimate reason. This includes even the tasks that you find unpleasant.

Find out what makes that particular task important and what good it does for you and those around you. Just because a task seems unpleasant or difficult does not mean it is not worth doing. Some of the most significant and life-changing things involve doing the hard things that no one else wants to do.

Be honest with yourself. 

Sometimes the thing that holds us back and keeps us from doing what needs to be done is fear. Fear paralyzes you and keeps you stuck in a rut.

You don’t need to keep up appearances. Be honest with yourself. Denying things won’t make it any better. Learn to face your fear of the unknown and your fear of failure head-on.

Acknowledge whatever doubts or fears you have. Face it and accept it. Do something about it. You should control your fears and not let it control you.

Think about the here and now. 

Whatever is meant to be will take place. With this in mind, don’t try to spend too much energy thinking about the results. It can get pretty overwhelming, we understand. While anticipating results is not exactly a bad thing, like fear, it can keep you from moving forward and getting the job done.

Instead, think of the here and now. Do what needs to be done now. Take action now. The sooner you get started and move in the direction of your goals, the sooner you will accomplish what needs to be done.

Let go of your perfectionist tendencies.

Once you get started, think about the outcome of your taking action. Never mind if things don’t go according to your plans and if they don’t meet your standards or other people’s expectations.

When you tell kids to do something creative, they are sure to come up with things that may sometimes be illogical but amazing, nonetheless. This is because children don’t care about other people’s standards. They just let their creativity take over, thus making them accomplish things that contribute to their growth.

As soon as you let go of your perfectionist tendencies and quit looking to others for approval and affirmation, the easier it will be to get do what you’re supposed to do.

Do it intermittently. 

When it comes to doing stuff you don’t want to, an easy workaround is dividing the work into smaller tasks. Unless it is really urgent, you can divvy it up and do it one step at a time. If you get easily overwhelmed with large-scale tasks, this will work for you.

Get started on it now. Write a paragraph or two on that report. Analyze part of the data. Start working on a thumbnail sketch. Paint one wall in your room first. Whatever it is, take that first step to get you started.

But don’t let it stop there. Take another small step. Do this repeatedly until you finally accomplish the task at hand.

Work hard now so you can play hard afterward.

Having an adjustment in your mindset will help propel you to start working on things. The more you procrastinate, the more that you’re giving yourself a hard time.

Remember that a farmer who gets up at the break of dawn to work will be done by noontime, giving him the rest of the day to do whatever he wants to do.

Similarly, if you adopt the mindset of doing hard things now so you can party hard sooner, it will help you get over this hump of procrastination.

Doing things that we love and enjoy giving our bodies and souls rest and healing while the things we don’t like help us grow and mature. It allows us to look at things from a different perspective, which is often unexpected.