Popular Attractions To Explore In St. Vincent

St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a heavenly place in the Caribbean surrounded by exquisite islands, tropical rainforests, flora and fauna, gorgeous beaches, and lush greenery. There are plenty of white sand beaches, palm-lined bays, private islands, and fancy resorts with great dining services. The island is home to the capital of Kingstown which is quite famous for its cobbled streets, colonial buildings, and coral reefs. 

Planning a trip to this heavenly place would be a gift to yourself or your close ones coming with you. The exotic beauty and incredible species will fill your heart with joy that you would not feel like going back. You can have a hassle-free travel experience if you choose to make advanced Virgin Atlantic Reservations. By doing this, you will not just save time but money also as on early bookings you may get some special offers on flight bookings by the airline itself. 

Popular places to visit in St. Vincent –

  1. Bequia – Bequia is the second-largest island of Grenadines which is also a popular yachting destination. The top places to explore in Bequia are Port Elizabeth on Admiralty Bay which is the island’s main commercial center and another is Bequia’s Maritime Museum for interesting facts about the island history and to see the incredible art galleries. Firefly plantation tour is another best thing to do in Bequia where you will find  tropical fruits freshly plucked from the trees. There are so many options for accommodation ranging in different price groups which tourists can consider depending on their budget and requirements. 
  1. Palm Island – The island is home to palm island resort and spa which is one of the best resorts in St. Vincent and Grenadines. The transparent aqua water will tempt you to do swimming and snorkeling activities. Besides these, tourists like to do paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, feasting on fresh seafood, basking on the exotic beaches, and biking around the island. The best time to visit St. Vincent and its major attractions isMay and June in summers, and November in winters so you can make your Spirit Airlines Reservations accordingly. 
  1. La Soufriere Volcano Hiking Tour – People who are quite adventurous and love to do thrilling activities then this place is just perfect for you. Hiking is one of the popular activities to do here. La Soufriere is St.Vincent’s highest peak rising 1234 meters above sea level.  There are budget-friendly spots like Richmond Vale Diving and Hiking center with basic amenities for people who would prefer to stay near the La Soufriere Volcano.
  1. Mustique – Mustique is a heavenly place that offers charming views of hilltops, beautiful beaches, a pleasant climate, and lush greenery that are non-comparable with any other thing. Tourists here can enjoy remarkable sites, luxury villas, and exclusive services offered on the private island. You can enjoy your personal space, organize house parties, cocktail parties with friends/family and enjoy the great taste of food and great music. Tourists who want to spend their vacation in a place like this to chill and relax, then he/she should definitely pay a visit here.
  1. Leeward Highway Scenic Drive – Leeward highway scenic drive is a perfect destination to enjoy sightseeing. The road here connects to the local villages, black-sand beaches, coconut plantations, and some major tourist attractions so travelers can stop by and explore these spots more deeply. The ending route will take you to Richmond Beach which is a major spot for swimming activities. After exploring the beach, you can depart to see the falls of Baleine, an 18m waterfall on the northwest tip of St. Vincent.  Commuting to this incredible place can be done either by boat or just walking as there are no roads in this area. 
  1. Union Island – Union Island is surrounded by its two main villages which are Ashton and Clifton. The island is a gateway to many tourist attractions to nearby islands. Ashton is considered the best place to do hiking activities in the hills and Clifton is home to some great tourist facilities including shops, an airport, fancy restaurants, and a marina. It is blessed with the two most beautiful beaches lying on the northern coast which are Richmond Bay and Belmont Bay. Some other major attractions of the union island are Chatham Bay, Sustainable Grenadines Inc, Mount Taboi, Kite Beach, Fort Hill, and Captain Hugh Mulzac Square.

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