Play Schools Can Foster Your Child’s Growth

Play Schools

Every parent wants best for their child, so they start preparing the child. The pre-nursery education of your child is as important as the standard school education. However, not many parents pay attention to the child’s nursery education and as a result, they fail getting admission to good schools. But parents don’t realist that sending to playschools would help their kids to adjust easily in the standard school environment. The good thing about sending the kids to playschool is that in these places, kids are able to learn easily the basics and that too in a playful manner.

Eligibility for school enrollment

Usually, there is no eligibility criterion as such for these schools, but common practice is to enroll your child between the age of two and four. This is the age when kids start to learn and mingle with other kids around. Many play schools in Mumbai might have different age criteria for admission but mostly they enroll kids with the age of 1.5 years as well. If your kid is smart and easy-going, then the school authorities would have no hesitation accepting the child.

Why should you send your child to playschool?

In today’s time when parents hardly get time to spend with their kids due to professional reasons, it is important that the child learn various aspects of life like socializing, self-reliance, etc. Kids between the age of two and four require a circle that keeps them secured. Just nourishing the child is not enough. The concept of playschools started only after the child management experts thought the need of these schools and to relax parents from those worries.

Playschool not only helps your child to socialize but also helps them to be confident and obeying at the same time.

Various factors to look at while enrolling

A pre-school should not be chosen because it’s near your house or it’s less expensive. Though these two are big criteria’s still there are some qualities that you must check before enrolling your child: –

  • Check if the school environment is friendly and educational.
  • Do they also have other activities like exercises, dance, drawing, etc?
  • Is the staff trained enough to handle kids at such age and what do they do to help kids if unable to grasp.
  • The reputation of the school. Check previous records and ask for references from other parents
  • If the school premises are attractive and appealing because kids would need some motivation to come back to school the next day
  • Hygiene factors to be well taken care of
  • A well-designed curriculum should be in place
  • The staff and teachers should be engaging and caring towards children

Once you are satisfied after checking all the above requirements, then you should not waste time and enroll the time child immediately. Don’t worry if the school fees are a little higher than expected. You can easily negotiate with pre-schools. Look on the internet for the best play school in Mumbai and check parents’ reviews.