Plant Designs for Interiors to Make an Elegant Home

Exotic plants fill up dead or angular spaces in one’s apartment and complement any color without clashing with it.

All plants alleviate carbon emissions and are consistent with the current trend of environmentalism. Using plants as a part of one’s interiors will lead to immense serenity and a sense of crisp freshness in the surrounding ambiance. Along with making one aware of their carbon footprint, trailblazing plants fill up dead or angular spaces in one’s compartment and are capable of complementing any color without clashing with it. Imagine a washroom filled with sweet-scented plants. While one unravels after a stressful day it brings an involuntary smile on one’s face.

Plant Designs for Interiors

Plants that spice up one’s home décor 

They are highly recommended for their beauty as well as utility

Orchids have a negative reputation for being difficult to grow and maintain. But the opposite is true. Orchids love being left on their own to flourish. Giving them too much attention via water and fertilizer actually kills them. Orchids get rid of xylene which is given off by glues and paints and that is why they a perfect house warming gifts for people who have renovated their homes. They also respire and give off oxygen at night. Thus they are highly recommended for their beauty as well as utility.

Ferns and palms may look uninteresting but they are truly versatile and blend in with the surroundings without any added effort. They are low maintenance plants and hence, easy to grow. They absorb cigarette smoke, paint and glue fumes, and xylene.

Chrysanthemums are called mums for short. These energetically shaded beauties add a zing to the ambiance. All they need is well-cultivated soil and adequate water to thrive. Mums are one of the top rankers when it comes to purifying the surrounding air and they help to get rid of benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. But chrysanthemums are not very popular because they are poisonous to touch and ingest and they also cause complications in people with allergies.

There is always a “but”

Not all plants let us breathe in peace!

Plants can look very appealing and have many benefits but there is always a flip side. It can become very laborious to grow them as they need to be watered fertilized and kept in a place where there is optimum sunlight. Not all plants give off oxygen at night; so, being in the same room as them causes suffocation. Lastly, plants also tend to attract insects sometimes and most people find this aversive. For these reasons, many don’t consider them as a good alternative for interior décor.

Tranquility as priority

Some lesser-known advantages of using plants as interior decors

It is quite commonly known that plants spread a sense of calm over a person but there are also some lesser-known advantages of using them inside. They reduce negative energy and help to battle feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Even more intriguing is the fact that plants help to lower background noises. Plants reflect noises that bounce off hard surfaces, thus reducing their intensity.

Inclination towards moss

One can now enjoy the feeling of being in a garden at home

When it comes to using moss as a designing agent, many interior designers usually go for moss walls. They are beautiful horizontal additions that stretch across a wall, covering the entire space. One can now enjoy the feeling of being in a garden at home. They release a great scent too and give the illusion of being in dense forestry. Incorporating this natural décor is a definite way of being two steps ahead of the trends.

Like all other trailblazing plants, moss also has the capability to absorb harmful gasses but what’s more, having a moss wall reduces the surrounding temperature to bring about a cooling effect, this is especially useful for hot and sticky Indian summers. Moss emits and absorbs humidity to maintain equilibrium so that the room humidity would be comfortable. Moss art is a growing trend and the masterpieces that are created are sold for large sums to enthusiasts.