Cocktail Party Catering

For years, the cocktail parties are known as a popular choice for the social gatherings. When you are planning to entertain your friends or even the business associates, you can host a cocktail party in your house, office, or any other venue. And when it comes to the receptions or open houses, then a cocktail party can pump up the excitement and fun. Such parties usually last for around two to three hours of great fun. But, if you really want to enjoy every bit of the event, then you must plan it well enough.

How you set the party place and what the cocktail party catering is, are a couple of important questions to be answered while planning such events. Here we are presenting you some of the useful tips that you can consider to rock your cocktail party with fun and joy.

Important Party Decisions

First, you need to plan how the party should go on. You can plan it to be simple or even complex, according to your desire. To plan your party, you must ask yourself all the important, relevant questions. How many guests will be there on that day? Is it a casual event or you are going to plan for the corporate catering ? Do you need to select the limited cocktail menu or a full bar is required?

It is also important to decide whether the party should be indoor or outdoor. If you decided to plan it outdoor, then you must also keep in mind the weather. What type of food and beverages you need on that day is another important question that you should ask yourself. While planning for the food and beverages, your budget should also play a key role.

Planning for the Food

After going through the party decisions, you should now move ahead and plan the food. There will be many companies around, providing cocktail party or wedding catering where you need the service. But, it is important to plan it yourself, if you wish to save money. Keep in mind that you don’t need the full course meal for a cocktail party. You can select the simple foods, such as finger foods that will allow your guests to eat something during the party, whenever they feel the need.

If you want to choose a food that can cater to the tastes of different people, then you can choose crackers, tapenade, and bruschetta. You can even select cut-fruit platter, crackers, and cheese if it’s a casual party. You must plan for the food good enough. Otherwise, you can call the local caterers. Select the caterers known for providing the best cocktail party and wedding buffet set up in San Francisco.

Planning for the Drinks

When it comes to hosting a cocktail party, then how can you forget the importance of quality drinks? You can either choose a full bar service, or you can make your own drink menu. Choosing the full bar option will allow your guests to enjoy their favorite drinks. But, if you really want to save money, then you should make your own list of drinks. Put them on the bar so that your guests can look for their required drink easily.

If you are on a budget, then it is also a great idea to look for the happy hours catering in palo Alto, CA or in the market that is nearest to your location. You must plan all aspects of your party well before the event day. Otherwise, you may ruin the party with improper plans. If you are short of ideas, then you can seek advice from your friends and family.