PIP Photo Editor : Transform Ordinary Pictures Like Never Before
PIP Photo Editor

All of us like to get clicked. Whenever we are with our friends, enjoying a vacation with the family or simply having a good time with our loved ones, we wish to capture those never coming back moments in our camera. However, most of the time, the photos are clicked either too bright or too dark or don’t seem like the one we anticipated before capturing it. And being a fun memory, it also doesn’t feel like deleting it. Therefore, the most appropriate thing to do would be to enhance the quality of the picture by inserting some amazing effects in it.

It is a one-stop for all your photo editing needs as it offers the most conventional and standard edition options that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. PIP Photo Editor is a solid and simple picture editing application that contains almost everything that one could want to enhance the quality of their pictures. It is certainly the quickest and easiest way to transform any picture and the best thing about it is it is available for absolutely free.

Features of PIP Photo Editor

One Tap auto-adjusts

A very remarkable feature that allows the person to enhance the quality of the photo with just one click. This feature is incredibly necessary for people who wish to quickly edit many of their pictures or doesn’t have enough knowledge about the effects.

Frames and filters

Insert your photos in brilliant and gorgeous looking frames with different shapes and sizes and filter them with colors, sharpness, brightness, and contrast to get a more royal effect.

Crop, rotate and straighten the photo

Crop the unwanted part of the photo or rotate and straighten them to get the best shape possible for editing the photo.

Zoom in and zoom out

Provide a more detailed Free PIP Photo editor options for your photos by zooming in and out.

Sharpen and blur

Now sharpen your picture to increase the quality of the photo or blur any part of the photo to provide a unique touch. Send the same blurred photo in the background and make your developed photo as a wallpaper of your phone.

Share with your friends

Download your creations in your gallery or simply share it with your connected groups and friends over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Since the app is applicable for all platforms such as Android and Windows, you can use it with any device and for free as well. Now gone are those when you have to click several pictures just to get one that looked beautiful enough to share with your friends. Now beautify each and every picture of yours by transforming it into your best photo that brings several likes on Facebook. Save those elegant photos in your gallery or computer and edit as many pictures as you like without being afraid of limitation.