Top 11 Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software

While organizations are just trying to make this shift to remote work successful due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one new challenge was waiting to be unveiled. Yes, we are referring to the Performance Review Cycle! Considering that we are close to the end of the quarter, your organization as well must be in the dilemma of how to follow the regular review cycle in this remote work culture. 

But some cloud-based systems, such as Performance management software or HRMS software, are proving to be a one-stop solution to this problem. Employees and managers can continue having reviews in the comfort of their living room, just as they did in the workplace. Now that’s interesting! However, it is also very significant that you choose the right tool that matches your requirements. And to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of 10 best software below: 

1. BambooHR  

BambooHR is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company offering online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have gone past spreadsheets. The BambooHR offers tools for handling human resources ( HR) with a holistic and comprehensive approach. BambooHR’s cloud-based framework is an easy, accessible way to monitor and manage important employee information in a customized HRIS (Human Resources Information Framework) for the businesses. 

2. Namely 

It is another holistic solution for human resources ( HR), payroll, and benefits built around the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Namely, the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) acts as a standardized location to store all the required information about the workforce. Namely’s performance management platform helps organizations to carry out paperless reviews, monitor goals, evaluations results, and much more. 

3. Keka HR  

Keka is one of the leading HRMS platforms known for providing an excellent employee experience. It is designed to seamlessly serve SMEs irrespective of whether you are scattered across different locations or working together at a workplace. The performance management system has a wide range of features such as performance reviews, real-time feedback, ongoing check-ins, social learning, goals, and recognition.  

4. SAP Success Factors  

SAP SuccessFactors provides HR, Payroll, and analytics solutions. It is a cloud-based system basically designed to guide you and your organization to perform at your best. By aligning your employees to the mission of your company, it enables your organization to effectively attain the set goals. It is a full-fledged HR software with a lot of intuitive performance features.  

5. Zoho People  

Zoho People is an online HRIS that allows you to maintain your database of employees, manage the performance of your employees, and ensure consistency in all of your HR processes. This performance monitoring platform helps you start the evaluation loop, configure the assessment forms, and mail notifications to meet your team requirements. It is a web-based performance management software for both small and medium-sized enterprises. 

6. Engagedly  

The most extensive tool is available for driving performance management and employee engagement in the organization. It helps organizations to have a continuous feedback loop with their employees and motivate them with an appropriate reward for their performance. This performance review software also has employee engagement functionalities, which makes it a much better alternative.  

7. 15Five  

15Five is an innovative performance management solution that is dedicated to enhancing employee engagement by continuously conducting a Q&A session with the employees. It follows the OKR(Objectives & Key Results) format to engage and align employees to their ultimate goals. It is also equipped with question bank and feedback questions readily for weekly or monthly check-ins. 

8. Zenefits  

Zenefits is an all-encompassing HR SaaS platform designed primarily for small to medium-sized enterprises. It is a robust platform offering various sets of features such as HR, performance, benefits, and well being, making it easy for the HR personnel to manage these operations.  

9. Reflektive  

Reflective is a powerful performance management platform that accelerates business expansion through operational excellence. Organizations can scale proactive, ongoing conversations with Reflektive, which boost employee performance and productivity by 2X. 

10. UltiPro  

Ultipro, the cloud-based software, has proved to be one of the most flexible solutions for SMEs in effortlessly managing performance with all the other HR functions. It helps businesses to generate smart and focused outputs with its powerful artificial intelligence tools.

11.’s performance management software is the best platform for managing your Business Performance using OKRs. Extremely easy to onboard and use, Profit comes with over 300 metrics and allows you to define your own custom metrics with ease. You can get quick insights into the performance of the business using the OKRs dashboard, alignments dashboard, KPI boards and department heatmaps.

Final Words

This performance management market analysis, prominent features, and trends can be utilized as a point of reference for your buying decisions on software, as well as a means to establish buy-in. So choose wisely, and let’s together aim to overcome this new challenge!