Isolating your home from the cold has more than one advantage. However, the main reason for doing so is to save energy. Why? First, it will mean a lower expenditure on your light account. Second, you will make your home a more efficient and warm place. It sounds good, right? Discover everything you need to know before isolating your home. You should have the best used insulation vacuum machines by your side in this matter.

A more efficient home

Insulation helps reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home. Why? The heat travels. In winter it flows outwards and in summer, inwards. An isolated house reduces that flow.

 Where to start?

  1. To determine how you should isolate your home, you first need to find out how much insulation you already have and where it is.
  2. For this, perform an energy audit. This is an evaluation that will help you identify the areas where most air enters.
  3. This audit should be done by a qualified professional, who will help you decipher what type of insulation you need to make your home more efficient. With the Used insulation vacuum for removal you will be requiring the best usage.

What kind of insulation?

  • To know, you need to find out how much heat resistance (known as R-value, in English, and Value-U, in Spanish) you need. The higher the value, the more resistance the material offers, according to the aforementioned site.
  • Here you can find what factors you should take into account to determine the value:
  • Where do you live? You will need greater isolation if you live in a cold climate like the Northeast, and a lower one if you live in a warm climate. In this matter the insulation removal vacuum comes to a great use.
  • How your house is built and where you will place the insulation. Do you have one or more floors? Do you have roof to two waters? And basement? These factors will also determine the value of the insulation.
  • How do you heat and cool your home? It is different if you have a heater, an air conditioner or other methods.

About us:- One more thing you may need insulation with different values, for different sectors of your home. It is better to use insulation with higher values in the attic and in rooms with a gable roof, than in others with wooden walls or in the basement. The cool insulation vacuum will be by your side.

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