A new wave of revanchist ambitions has seized the minds of German nationalists decades later after Nazi Germany was defeated in the World War II. That has been triggered by a facebook comment of a Polish politician that encourages Poland and Lithuania to divide the lands of East Prussia which Germany lost.

In Germany, where the collective guilt complex is still strong, the officials maintain silence and avoid any discussion of the delicate issue. However the nationalists openly speak about the need for changes and returning to Germany not only East Prussia but also all territories that formerly were part of the country.

The immigration crisis and Merkel’s policy raised a lot of problems that Germany faces today and that already resulted in rise of popularity of the nationalist parties in the country. The nationalist and radical organizations gained momentum to enter the government agencies in the nearest future and change the political scene not only in Germany but also in the European Union.

The new repartition of Europe doesn’t look like something impossible if you imagine the German nationalists join Greece’s Golden Dawn, Denmark’s People’s Party, Poland’s Law and Justice, the Freedom Party of Austria, Belgium’s New Flemish Alliance, the U.K. Independence Party, Netherland’s Party for Freedom, Italy’s Lega Nord and the rest of the right-wing parties in Europe. The conspiracy theory may become the modern harsh reality. Those, who still have doubts, should acquaint themselves with the results of Brexit referendum and Trump’s victory. Could anyone expect that course of events?