Oncology Drug Market Report

Oncology Drug Market

Herceptin (trastuzumab): 2006-2015 analysis; 2016-2021 expectations” is a comprehensive report on the second-largest oncology drug by 2015 sales.

It has an interesting infographic description of the approval timeline and contains an event tracker, which covers all the major events around the drug, news about Herceptin, infor-mation on biosimilar filings, number of clinical trials (by year and by phase), clinical study data about Herceptin and other competing drugs and so on.

The report “Oncology Drug Market Report” gives an analysis of the historical annual sales (from 2006-2015), historical quarter-ly sales (Q1-2013 to Q3-2016), cumulative sales till date, Q3-2016 update and sales expecta-tions (from 2016-2021). The analysis broadly indicates that the drug has given a successful decade and sales will be stable until 2016, after which they are likely to fall. Cumulatively, Herceptin has seen sales of USD 65 bn since its launch.

Details of the sales analysis section:

Historical annual sales analysis: Historical annual sales have been analysed in USD and CHF terms with the help of graphical representation of sales over 2006-2015. The report has all the data in tabular format as well. We have highlighted key reasons for the sales trend in all the geographies listed.

Historical quarterly sales analysis:

Additionally, we have sales analysis on quarterly basis for the last 15 quarters from Q1-2013 to Q3-2016. The quarterly data is also in graphical as well as tabular format.

Expected sales analysis:

The report has our expectations for sales of Herceptin over 2016-2021. We have highlighted key reasons for our expectations. All the historical as well as ex-pected sales analysis is based on:

  1. Total global sales
  2. US sales
  3. International sales
  4. Europe sales
  5. Japan sales
  6. RoW sales

Other important details

Key event tracker

The report highlights key events that have taken place for Herceptin from 2005 to 2015. It gives additional information about which key events have driven sales for Herceptin over this period.

Competitive drugs

We have provided information on competitor drugs in the market that are used in the treatment of the same indications as Herceptin with their details including brand name, API, company, class of drug, therapy class and treatment preference.

Clinical trials numbers

The report provides numbers of clinical trials which have started for Herceptin in 2016, 2015 and 2014 and for different phases: phase III, phase III/II and phase II. It gives insights into whether the company is still spending money for taking the drug even further for other indications or in combination therapies.

Clinical studies:

Efficacy results of Herceptin and its competing drugs have been provided.

Biosimilar filings:

Herceptin is already off-patent in Japan and Europe but not in the US. From this perspective, we have listed the players who have filed for (and conducting trials of) biosimilars of Herceptin as this can be potential competition for Roche, going forward.


We have listed news related to Herceptin that would impact the drug’s performance

Key event tracker:

The report highlights key events that have taken place for Votrient from 2005 to 2015. It gives additional information about the key events that have driven sales for the a over this period.

Table of Contents

1. Basic Information
2. Approval timeline infographic (1998-2014)
3. Regulatory approval details (US, Europe, Japan and RoW)
4. Historical annual sales analysis (2006-2015, 2016E)
5. Historical quarterly sales analysis (Q1-2013 to Q3-2016)
6. Historical cumulative sales (1998 to Q3-2016)
7. Q3-2016 update
8. Sales expectations (2016E-2021E)
9. Biosimilar filings
10. List of key approved drugs in breast cancer
11. List of key approved drugs in gastric cancer
12. Event tracker
13. Clinical trials of Herceptin (US)
14. News around Herceptin
15. Methodology
16. Appendix