Office 365 Home subscription benefits can be shared with four other people at no extra cost and every person will be entitled to receive the latest version of Office applications for your MAC, PC, Tablets, and Smartphone’s, Get 1TB of free online One Drive storage to store your files and access anywhere, and also you will get 60 Skype minutes per month to call Smartphone’s in eight countries and to landlines in 60+ countries. Office 365 Home costs around $99.99 but discounts can be availed through Microsoft Office 365 Home Promo Code.

Process of sharing office 365 Home subscription with four other people:-

  • Using your Microsoft Account (the account ID must be the same one which you have used to set up your subscription) log into My Office Account page.
  • Select Share Office 365 in the Share Office 365 section.
  • Select Add people on the Share Office 365 page.

Points to remember while sharing office 365 Home subscription with four other people:-

  • In case you are not able to see Share Office 365 section, reasons can be; that you are not the true owner of office 365 Home subscription and if you are using it then, someone else has shared his subscription with you. You might be using other Office 365 plans which do not allow sharing subscription benefits with other people.
  • Before starting sharing process you must first check the subscription name on your My Office Account page above the Install section. Office 365 University and Personal does not promote subscription sharing.
  • Before sharing have a talk with other person and discuss with them on how many machines or devices you want them to install office 365 Home subscription since in situations when you are running out of subscription sharing benefits, you can easily deactivate any install from My Office Account page.
  • Anyone who bought Office 365 Home subscription through Office 365 home promo code and is ready to share must make sure that all the technical criteria must be met by them. For example, the latest version of Office cannot be installed on PC’s running Windows XP or Vista.

How can you send invitations to other people for availing office 365 Home subscriptions benefits:-
By email:-

  • Sign into My Office Account and then select Share Office 365 page and choose Add people. Choose Email invitation.
  • Type the email address of the person with whom you like to share your Home subscription and choose Send.

By sending a one-time link:-

  • My Office Account> Share Office 365 page> One-time link.
  • You can send the chosen link either through text or email to the other person and when that person clicks on this link and log into their Microsoft Account, they will become part of your subscription plan.
  • You are required to create and send a separate link to the people if you want to share the subscription with more than one individual.

By Microsoft Family:-

  • Add people to your Microsoft Family and sign into your My Office Account page to select Share Office 365.
  • Select Add people>Microsoft Family on the Share Office 365 page and choose the family members with whom you want to share office 365 Home subscription plan.