Office 2016 Promo Code

When you become a subscriber, you will be getting regular updates on improved and new features. Here, let us get into the details on the features you can expect at present when you become a part of this subscription package.

Latest updates on features:

In PowerPoint a swift beginning for research:

The feature called Quick Starter is something handy for users, who are starting afresh. If you wish to learn some specific features, this feature will be of great help to you by providing a quick guidance on how to use it and how to improve your presentations with any specific feature.

Set things straight in PowerPoint:

Regardless of whether you wish to align a specific set of images or whether you wish to draw straight lines in PowerPoint, it is made easier with the digital ruler, which works great on touch screen devices.

Improved digital writing assistant in Word and Outlook:

With the inclusion of extra intelligent services, the writing assistant called ‘Editor’ is now better able to identify your words in context and it will offer you the appropriate suggestions when you have difficulty with spellings.

Removal of background made easier in Core Applications and Outlook:

You can make your pictures unique by getting rid of background from your pictures with the help of a free-form drawing tool, which is a new feature that is worth to mention.

Side-to-Side moving of pages in Word:

In the print layout view, you will find that you can navigate pages by sliding them side-to-side, which will give you the experience of handling a bundle of paper.

From Vision to PowerPoint:

With this new feature, you can easily take clips of visio drawing and can export them as slides to PowerPoint.

Real-time collaborations on attachments in Outlook:

Now, you can upload the attachments to OneDrive. This will help each one of your team members to continue their work on the latest version of the document or mail. In addition, you can use the drop down menu on the attachment for uploading or for saving the same.

Manipulation of objects is possible with the pen:

You can easily grab the handles of objects with the help of digital pen, which will help you not just to move, but also to rotate and resize the objects and you can do many other things with the digital pen.

Add-in for Database modeling:

You can form a database model with the help of a database that you already have in your system with the help of add-in for database modeling feature. This feature will help you with planning the creation of fresh database or with understanding of the already present database.

New visio for education templates:

Now, with the latest Office 2016 for Office 365, students and teachers will be in a position to leverage fresh sample diagrams and templates that cover many subjects inclusive of physics, chemistry, and algebra.


With all these fresh features, you will surely enjoy working with the latest Microsoft office 2016 for Office 365. When shopping for the application, do not forget to use Office 2016 Promo Code.