A healthy digestive system is central to our well-being. However, we all lead busy lives and often opt for a ‘grab and go’ sandwich or a quick fix of fast food without really thinking about the consequences to our digestive health. Yoga Evolution Retreats see our physical and mental well-being is interwoven with the fuel we provide our body. It stands to reason that if unhealthy food is consumed then digestive issues will occur. This leads to an accumulation of unhealthy toxins in the body which can cause us to feel overly tired as all of our energy is being consumed in fighting against the toxins.

Yoga is closely linked with improving your gut-health, with many yogic poses designed to stimulate your digestive tract, increase the space in your stomach and relive trapped gas. The calming effect of yoga also causes the whole body – including your gut – to experience deep relaxation for a more efficient digestive system.

Our ‘food for the soul’ philosophy

Nestled at the heart of our Yoga Evolution Retreat, guests will find our rustic kitchen where chef Caroline provides nourishing vegetarian meals prepared with the freshest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Chef specialises in vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan and gluten free meals and desserts and prepares every meal with joy and the deepest respect for the ingredients she chooses.

The environmental impact of the ingredients we source is very important to all of us at the yoga retreat.  We work together to carefully choose how and where the food we serve is sourced.  We ensure that ingredients are Fair Trade or organic and locally sourced where possible. Our yoga retreat is passionate about minimising the environmental impact of our food sources and we avoid GMO products to keep our food as natural as nature intended.

Celebrating the diversity of our diet

We are all individuals in every aspect, and our digestive health is no exception. The food we serve is suitable for most people, but we recognise the need to cater for special dietary requirements or intolerances, so we provide a wealth of healthy eating choices that are gathered from many cultures and walks of life, including Ayurveda, an eating pattern that has developed over thousands of years as a holistic diet designed to promote balance between your body and mind.

At our yoga retreat, we aim to nourish your mind, body and soul. Food plays a key part in achieving this. During your stay with us we’ll give you the confidence to take home new ways to prepare tasty, healthy meals for your family to aid digestion and increase vitality.

How to boo a yoga retreat wish us

To book a retreat with us here just visit our website and click on our calendar. We have many retreats ranging from vinyasa flow, ashtanga yoga, evolutionary yoga retreats, shamanistic, qigong, weeks just for women and men. We also hold yin yoga teacher training courses and a 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

Who can attend

We offer weeks that are able to cater for a wide range of experience, so whether you are someone who has been practicing for 20 years, one month or just starting your yoga journey, we have something for you.

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