During the first month of the baby being born, you will need to make sure that you have some items that you cannot be without. There is a newborn baby essentials list hat will make them happy and comfortable while they adjust to their new home and surroundings, and you as a new mum will need something to manage your newborn without fuss and any struggle.

Newborn Baby Essentials

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List of Newborn Baby Essentials

Find a list of some very important newborn baby essentials here.

A Nice Diaper Bag

It’s during this first month that you will be moving around to the doctors for a check-up and any visits. So it’s good to have a nice small bag that you can use to carry the Huggies for the little one and also the bottled milk if need be. If you have decided to only breastfeed then you might not need to worry about bottles too much except if you want to give them some water or any other item like that. You should also be able to throw in some wet wipes and some extra onesies. You may also want to keep some pacifiers and a few toys. These should be all that you will pack in this bag. So look for something that will be suitable. You may choose to buy something a bit large as it will stick around and be useful even with the baby growing.

A Co-Sleeper or a Barrier for the Bed

This is one great item that will allow you to have your little one sleep in the bed with you. This barrier will keep you and your spouse from rolling on the baby during the night. It can be worrying to have to leave the baby sleep alone in another room or even in a cot, so something like this will make the bed-sharing days with a little one more safe and relaxed. Chances are you might get used to this and keep the little one with you for more than just the first month.

A Wipes Warmer

This item might be a little bit of a luxury for some but the fact is that is definitely something that is going to be useful is inevitable. Of course, you can always use a warm water bath but the convenience of this is great. This item basically warms the wipes for you so your little one doesn’t have to feel the cold wipe on his or her bottom on a constant basis many times a day. This is also fantastic or the winter months and you can also use it to wipe your fingers if need be. Carrying this with you on trips or any family outings is a breeze.

A Small Baby Sterilising Unit

This is a must-have for all mums. You must have one of these to make sure that your baby has all their items cleaned and disinfected. You can throw in the bottles, pacifiers, and all other times that you use to feed your little one in this small unit and pop it in the microwave to get all the germs and infection-causing bacteria zapped out. This will prevent unwanted tummy issues and ailments.

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